Friday, 22 October 2010

The Return Of The War Chief

Remember earlier this week when it was mentioned that we will 'see something or someone not seen since The War Games'? Well it may have been revealed. Earlier today, Mark Gattis tweeted this picture of himself, with a caption reading 'The Return Of The War Chief. The War Chief was a bit of an evil Time Lord, last seen during the Second Doctor regeneration story The War Games.

On the other hand, it could just be Gatiss playing with the fans because he knows we will all jump on it, or he could just have been noting a resemblance.

So what do you think? Would you like to see his return? For that matter, would you like to see Gatiss'?


  1. Yes! and Yes!

    As long they distinguish him between Lazarus then yes!!

    I've always felt we haven't seen enough War Chief so YES!

    Is that a big enough YES?

  2. Bah! Sorry, years after the event. But only just come across this. First, Gatiss looks more like the return of Gilbert M. Next, see if this makes sense to you:When The Master appeared in Autons, the Doctor was warned that an old acquaintance had returned to seek vengeance after the Doctor foiled his scheme by alerting the Time Lords. Malcolm Hulke(writer of the War Games and many Dicks-era stories) stated that when he wrote there were only two renegade Time Lords. Robert Holmes(who wrote Autons) stated that up to the point where he left as Script Editor there had only been 5 renegade Time Lords., The Doctor, The Monk, The Master, Omega and Morbius. The DWM comic Flashback portrayed the First Doctor and a pre-Delgado incarnation of The Master back on Gallifrey. Who strongly resembled the War Chief. The novelisations of The War Games, Terror of the Autons and Colony in Space make it much clearer. The only thing Gatiss can return to by that picture is a street corner.