Saturday, 1 January 2011

And Now For Some Exciting Speculation...

Ok, so the last article brought to you all the latest news from the Whoniverse that has so far been confirmed, but there is a whole lot more that is so far just speculation, so with that in mind this is what we know. Kinda.

  • Amy becomes pregnant, leading her and Rory to leave the show. This could be potentially backed up by an email I recieved about 2 months ago from a girl claiming her baby twin brothers had been seen for the part of a baby. Perhaps the Doctor pays them one last visit after its born?
  • River will die in series 6 in an alternate timeline (and so ignoring the events of Silence In The Library)
  • The Cavaliers and Nazi's seen in the trailer are the passengers of a SIDRAT, last seen in the second Doctor story The War Games. If true, this could be what Gaiman was alluding to when he said we would see something in his script not seen since the above story.
  • There will be a lady wearing an eyepatch in the opening story. Some have speculated this may actually be Amy
  • CNN report that Series 6 will be aired simultaneously in the UK and USA
  • River Song's name is actually fake and her real name will be revealed in series 6
  • The Doctor will be cloned in the opening story
  • Amy Joins the MIB
  • DoctorWhoSpoilers, via Digital Spy, have hinted that Edgar Wright may direct for series 6
  • One of the episodes may have a medieval setting (probably speculated because of the castle filming)
  • Mondas Cybermen will make a return in an Egyption set episode
  • The TARDIS library and swimming pool will make a brief appearance before the Doctor jettisons them off into space in order to gain power for the TARDIS
  • The astronaut seen in the trailer for series 6 is part of the crew of Apollo 10.5
  • Finally, you can't have a serious article about speculation unless you include the following. River is:
    • The Rani
    • Donna
    • Amy
    • Romana 1
    • Romana 2
    • The Master
    • Anyone else who has ever appeared in the show

  • Mekhi Phifer has been cast as Rex Matheson (At the moment unconfirmed)
  • Den Of Geek state that Bill Pullman has been cast as Oswald Jones (At the moment unconfirmed)
  • Tom Price has hinted that he will return as PC Andy in some American filmed scenes
  • Ausiello report that Jack will have a one night stand with a 20something guy called Brad
  • Episodes will air in the UK from the second week of July
  • Jack will get a new costume
  • There will be a 'companion of the week' throughout series 5 (though this was also said of series 4 and so might be rubbish)
All of the above speculation, unless stated in the individual bullet points comes from members of the forum or messages sent to me via the news page. As always with speculation I advise you to take it all with a pinch of salt until confirmed or proven untrue.


  1. the Pullman heads up was originally from deadlinehollywood i think - so pretty likely to be true.

  2. this is all very exciting and its getting really close! please check out my blog at thank you