Saturday, 1 January 2011

Latest News Roundup From The Whoniverse

Its been a quiet few weeks on the news page and in that short time a lot of information regarding new episodes of Doctor Who, Torchwood and The Sarah Jane Adventures has come to light. It's a bit late to give them all individual articles, but for those who may have missed anything, here is a roundup of what we now know:

  • Some more interior of the TARDIS will be seen in series 6, though probably only in the form of hexagonal shaped corridors rather than actual rooms.
  • Early December saw filming taking place in castles in Cardiff, Caerphilly and Chepstow
  • Toby Whitehouse has been confirmed to be writing an episode
  • A leaked set report confirmed that the Silence are actually The Silent's, giving rise to speculation that they are actually a group or collective.
  • Castings for various episodes include Marshall Lancaster, Sarah Smart, Elizabeth Berrington, Ricky Fearon, Adrian Schiller, Mark Griffin, Jeff Marsh, Nancy Baldwin and Henrietta Clemmett
  • The trailer for series 6 was revealed and can be seen below:
  • As well as a specially filmed trailer for BBC America:

  • From the trailer we learned that:
    • The Doctor is held prisoner long enough to grow a substantial beard in what appears to be Area 51
    • Men In Black (possibly the same ones from Dreamland and The Sarah Jane Adventures) make an appearance.
    • Nazi's and 17th Century Cavalliers will appear (Check out the following speculation article for more on this)
    • The TARDIS from The Lodger will return
    • A green eyed Ood will be in one of the episodes
    • River and Amy both share the same tally markings on their body
    • The Doctor wears a Stetson now, and they are apparantly 'cool'
    • An astronaut is seen during a clip for episode two, possibly relating to Moffat's potential spoiler about Apollo 10.5
    • The closing clip of the trailer appears to be a blurry shot of a 'little green man' wearing a suit, with some speculating that it may be a 'Silent'
  • Peirs Wenger has stated that no old monsters will return, though this is contradicted by the sighting of the Ood in the trailer

  • John Barrowman has confirmed that Starz are planning to make seven series of Torchwood, though this would obviously depend on its year by year success.
  • Previous casting news about Mekhi Phifer and Bill Pulman has apparantly been disregarded as rumour, though nothing official to confirm it either way has so far come to light.
  • Jane Espenson, who is writing three of the ten episodes has confirmed that she will also be producing her episodes.
  • Filming is to begin in Wales next week for 2 weeks before shifting to Los Angeles for 6 months
  • Jack returns to Earth because of his 'unspoken love for Gwen'
  • Tommy Knight will return to full cast status for at least the opening story
  • Filming on the final 3 episodes of series 5 is due to start in the spring. The first 3 episodes of the series were filmed alongside series 4 and are complete.
  • The Parrot from 'Lost In Time' will return in series 5
So that is what we know so far. There is a whole load more information that at the moment is purely speculative and will be updated later today.


  1. "River and Amy both share the same tally markings on their body"
    I beieve thats from the dollhouse episode...