Saturday, 1 January 2011

A Christmas Carol Ratings Roundup

It has been a week since it first aired now and A Christmas Carol has been shown in various places around the globe. Here is a roundup of its initial overnight ratings:

United Kingdom - In the UK, A Christmas Carol managed a brilliant 10.3 million viewers according to overnight figures. 1.3 million of those came from BBC HD, giving it one of its highest ever ratings. The show got an audience share of 39.8% and an AI of 83. The official (and no doubt increased) figure should be released on Monday assuming the bank holiday doesnt interfere with their publication.

United States - Overnight figures for BBCAmerica show that A Christmas Carol was watched by 727,000 viewers on initial airing, over a hundred thousand more than tuned in to last years Christmas Special.

Australia - A Christmas Carol aired Down Under on Boxing day to an overnight audience of 880,000 viewers, winning its timeslot for the day.

In other news, a repeat of the Sarah Jane Adventures story, Death Of The Doctor managed a whopping 1.4 million viewers at 9am on Christmas Day. Repeats of previous Christmas Specials aired throughout the last week have also rated highly in their timeslots. The Runaway Bride achieved 1.5m. Voyage Of The Damned managed 1.4m and The Next Doctor pulled in 1.3m viewers.

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