Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Miracle Day Updates

Filming on Miracle Day is well underway and there have been lot's of updates, so here they are in bitesize chunks.

First off, Jane Espenson has confirmed that all the episodes will have individual titles, putting paid to the rumours that they will be called 'Day 1' or 'Hour 1' as people had previously expected.

Filming commenced in Cardiff yesterday at the airport. John Barrowman, Eve Myles, Kai Owen, Tom Price and Dichen Lachman were all in the area filming on episode two, which it has been revealed will be directed by Billy Gierhart.

From a set photo tweeted by Tom Price, it would seem that Andy has now been promoted to Sergeant...

In other news, several of the writers slots have now been revealed, they are as follows.

Episode 1 - Russell T Davies
Episode 2 - Doris Egan
Episode 3 - Jane Espenson
Episode 4 -
Episode 5 - Jane Espenson
Episode 6 - John Shiban
Episode 7 - Jane Espenson
Episode 8 - Jane Espenson & Ryan Scott
Episode 9 -
Episode 10 - Russell T Davies

Filming in Wales, althoguh expected to last 2 weeks has been extended to at least 5 weeks and we now know that it will run until at least the 21st February, causing Tom Price and Kai Owen to have to drop out of a planned convention.

Filming is set to move to The Gower this week to film scenes possibly from episode one when Gwen and Rhys are living in seclusion on a cliff top.

Jane Espenson has also confirmed that the scenes that are being filmed in Wales are not just for one or two episodes or blocks, but will in fact be spread throughout several episodes and we will see events throughout the course of the series taking place on both sides of the pond.

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