Thursday, 20 January 2011

Who's The BabyDaddy?

UnrealityShout is reporting that the mid series cliffhanger of series 6 will see Amy fall pregnant, causing a babydaddy drama in the TARDIS.

According to the site, when Amy excitedly tells Rory that she is pregnant he will accuse her of an affair with the Doctor and even Vincent Van Goch.

While this sounds a bit crazy, especially given that after the story sounds very tacky and that after the Big Bang Amy was technically reborn and so couldn't be pregnant by Vincent, the have been rumours of a pregnancy flying around for a while, as well as the email we recieved at 'TARDIS Spoilers' a few months back from a girl saying that her baby twin brothers had been seen for the part of a baby on the show.

For now, I would say that the majority, if not all of this story is made up, but we thought it should be shared nonetheless.


  1. the baby the twins tried out for was probably baby alfie whom i think is craig owens son if this is incorrect i am sorry but i have no idea i am not a writer for doctor who :)

  2. You are most probably right, but we didnt know of his involvement back when this was written. It would certainly make more sense :)

  3. well shes pregnant now...