Monday, 17 January 2011

Please Hold For The Time Lords

It was months ago now that Neil Gaiman first said that we should expect to see 'something or someone not seen since The War Games' within his episode and it has left fans guessing who or what it could be. A few days ago over on the forum, Exterminate posted what has turned out to be a very interesting theory:

Neil Gaiman said that his episode (ep4) will contain something or someone not seen since the War Games. How about if it was the Time Lords Communication Box? Here it is in The War Games

And here is something from the trailer which could be the same thing....?

Could it be that somehow the Doctor recieves a message from the Time Lords? Maybe it is one sent before they are wiped out, or it could be from Idris (Suranne Jones) the 'old aquaintence with a new face' or maybe even some Time Lords in hiding? Or maybe it is a trap and someone other than a Time Lord uses it to comminicate with the Doctor. Also, if you look at Amy and Rory in the background, they are wearing the clothes from the filming of Gaimans episode, so it is safe to say that the glowy box belongs in that story, even if it isnt the communicator device.
So that is what Exterminate thinks, but what about you lot? Let us know below


  1. This theory has been doing the rounds for a while now, like it a lot :D

    I thought Idris was 'maybe' an old acquaintance with a new face, rather than definitely being so thou?

  2. I quite like this theory as well

    I've been leaning away from the return of The War Chief, as many people have been suggesting, because Neil Gaiman said we'd see something we haven't seen SINCE The War Games. The War Chief (known as Magnus on Gallifrey) in fact, made his last appearance in the Virgin New Adventures trilogy, Timewyrm. As such, The War Chief cannot be the "thing we haven't seen since The War Games", because we have in fact, seen him!

  3. "Since the War Games" Also implies it was seen before the War Games as well. Not necessarily true, but a definite possibility. It could be Zoe, though I kind of doubt that as well.

    If it IS something seen only in the War Games, however, the War Chief is still a possibility. After all, many will argue the canonicity of the books, and as far as we know, Neil Gaiman may be one of them.

  4. Good call on the Time Lords Communication Box. (is that the official name for it?)