Saturday, 5 March 2011

Year Of The Whoniverse

Before I went away for a while due to illness, I set up a poll asking which of the three returning Whoniverse shows you were most looking forward to. You all voted, and after a longer than normal wait, here is how you voted.

6% of the people who voted said that the show that they were most looking forward to returning in 2011 was the fifth series of The Sarah Jane Adventures. The series is returning in the Autumn and there is speculation that it may be the last.

46% of the people who voted said that they were most looking forward to the return of Doctor Who. The sixth series of the show since it's return in 2005 is due to air from April and sees the Doctor, Amy and Rory tackle pirates in the 17th century, visit area 51 and get trapped in a house of living dolls.

Surprisingly though to some, the show that wins the round, taking 48% of the votes and leading by a tiny margin is the fourth series of Torchwood. Under the umbrella title of Miracle Day, Torchwood returns in July with a nearly all new cast and American setting.

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