Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Cybermen Return Confirmed

The BBC have today officially confirmed that the Cybermen would be returning during series 6 of Doctor Who, which while not a big shocker to most will still be news to some.

The Cybermen, last seen at the end of The Pandorica Opens, have been rumoured to feature in several stories from the upcoming series and we also know that the Cybermats will be making a return in the latter half of series 6.

The photo above is a new image from series 6 showing Rory in his Roman getup facing off against a gang of the Doctors enemies.

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  1. What I find exciting about this (me being a Cyberman fan) is that these are NOT alternate universe Cybers - look at the emblem (or rather, lack thereof) on the chest - the Cybus 'C' is missing. And with the return of Cybermats... well, there's no doubt, is there? I literally CANNOT wait :)