Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Who Dies? Poll Results!

For days now we have been asking you who you think will die in the opening episode and you voted in your masses. You had four characters to choose from, and this is how you went:

Amy received the lowest amount of votes, notching up just 15% of the final total, but will she be around to fight another day once the episode is over?

Rory came in third place with 22% of the total votes. After dying so many times last series it seems most of you want to give him a break this time around.

The Doctor came in second place, just a little bit ahead of Rory with 23% of the total votes.

But River Song ran away with it, with 40% of voters either thinking or hoping that she will meet her maker in the opening story. But will she?

To find out for sure we have just ten days to wait. Did you vote correctly? I guess we will soon see!

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