Saturday, 4 June 2011

A Good Man Goes To War... Today!

It's crept up on us so fast, but for UK viewers today is the day we finally see A Good Man Goes To War and it looks set to be brilliant.

The mid series finale is set to answer some questions and raise a heap more. Moffat has promised that we will finally find out the identity of River Song and we will also find out what happened after last weeks shocking cliffhanger so make sure you tun in to BBC1 from 6.40 for the last episode until the show returns in the Autumn.

And once that show is over, come on over to the forum and join in with all the members to discuss, rate and disect the episode and all your thoughts and theories. Just click here for The Doctor In The TARDIS Forum

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  1. ahhhh... john druitt couldn't teleport fast enough.