Saturday, 25 June 2011

The Series 6 Poll Results

For the last week you have been voting in your masses to tell us what your favourite story of series 6 has been so far, so without further ado here are the results.

2% of the votes went to The Curse Of The Black Spot, taking last place out of the 5 stories. Curse Of The Black Spot saw the Doctor land on board a pirate ships seemingly under attack by a Siren.

4% of the voters chose The Rebel Flesh/The Almost People as their favourite story, putting it into fourth place. The end of this story saw the reveal that Amy had been 'Flesh' throughout the series.

21% of the votes went to the opening two parter, The Impossible Astronaut/The Rebel Flesh, making it the third most popular story of the new series so far.

27% of people who voted chose the mid season finale, A Good Man Goes To War as their favourite. This episode saw Amy give birth to a baby who was revealed to be River Song

But picking up nearly half the votes with 46%, the most popular story from series 6 so far have been The Doctor's Wife which saw the Doctor land on an asteroid outside of the universe where he was faced with the personification of the TARDIS in the form of Idris. The story was penned by Neil Gaiman and aired fourth in the run.

To find out what people thought of all these stories, check out our series 6 section on The Doctor In The TARDIS Forum

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