Friday, 1 July 2011

Doctor Who Plushies

Anyone who has visited the Doctor in the TARDIS forum may have seen that way back in January Peri-Peri posted the news that Doctor Who Plushies were on the way after Underground Toys were granted a worldwide licensing deal.

Well they are finally heading to the shops in August & Forbidden Planet have already got some pics on their website. There are 3 so far - a red Dalek (shown above), a blue Dalek (not shown) & the TARDIS (shown below).

All of these plushies will make sounds when pressed. The Daleks will shout their classic 'Exterminate' battle cry, among other things, & the TARDIS will make the 'Vworp vworp' materialisation noise. The lamp on the top of the TARDIS will also light up.

What do you think of these new plushies? And, perhaps more importantly, which other plushies would you like to see?

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