Sunday, 10 July 2011

New Fourth Doctor Audio Series - Serpent Crest

Tom Baker his making another return to the Doctor Who audio world as he stars in a brand new 5 part audio adventure for the 4th Doctor, with Susan Jameson as his companion Mrs Wibbsey

Part 1 - Tsar Wars, which is pictured above, is due for release on 08 September 2011.

The time travellers are transported to an advanced civilisation in space, where they are soon enmeshed in the dangerous war between Robotovs and human beings

Part 2 – Broken Down due 6th October…

Trapped in 19th Century Hexford, the Doctor and Mrs Wibbsey discover that all is not well at the rectory – and that there is more to its residents than meets they eye.

Part 3 (title unknown) due 3rd November…

Trapped in an underground network of tunnels, the time travellers help a young boy in search of an ancient lamp. Perils await them on their quest to find both the lamp and a way out…

Parts 4-5 (title and synopsis unknow) due 8th December

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