Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Series 7 Update

This week, Moffat has been attending a French Comic Con and some interesting news regarding series 7, how many episodes it will have and how it will air, has come to light.

A few weeks ago, after announcing that the show had been renewed for a further 14 episodes to star Matt Smith, Head of Drama at the BBC, Danny Cohen, decided to make some announcements about the show at a completely unrelated Religious Conference. His remarks soon leaked online and within hours fans everywhere were suddenly worried about the show's future.

It was speculated that we could be getting as little as four episodes throughout 2012 or that the series may be cut, so that the 14 episodes were made up from two series instead of the normal one. It seemed that after some very sloppy reporting from the BBC, they suddenly decided to take a vow of silence and leave the fans in the dark. Entertainment Correspondent Lizo Mzimba then added fuel to the flames by commenting that there would not be a full series in 2012, saying he had word on this from the BBC. Still though, nothing official for us fans. The plus side to all of this was that it looked as though we would instead get another split series set either side of Christmas 2012.

But now Moffat has spoken at his comic con appearance in what seems to be an effort to calm the fans and reassure us that at least he, if not the BBC, know what is happening with the show next year. When discussing the output, he had this to say:
"Contrary to what you may have heard, there will be the same number of episodes shown next year. There will be the same number of episodes. But its true that there will be a change in the scheduling. I will explain it all. Later."
Now, it is possible that 'next year' means 'next series' and that it will split either side of Christmas, so they will technically air next year, but not. The change in scheduling could however simply mean a full time move to the Autumn, or the split at Christmas as many have speculated, but either way we can look at and take something positive from this. We now know for sure that series 7 will get a full episode run, even if split like series 6.

Talking further at the event, Moffat also promised us a big pay off for all of Rory's deaths, said that the BBC have huge plans for the 50th and that with River, we ain't seen nothing yet!

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