Thursday, 22 September 2011

Scheduling Series Seven

This months Doctor Who Magazine have confirmed that Series 7 will indeed be moved back to an Autumn 2012 slot.

Earlier this year, after several tweets from BBC personel, newspaper articles and magazine stories, much of fandom was left confused about when exactly the next series of Doctor Who would air, with many concerned due to one particular article, that the series was being cut with less episodes transmitted, something that Steven Moffat was quick to deny.

We still have no confirmation about how the stories will air, be it in one long run, split either side of Christmas or something completely different that none of us have thought of yet, but this news from DWM confirms, if any confirmation were needed, that Series 7 of the show will indeed launch in the Autumn, so savour the next couple of episodes because after Christmas it could be a long old wait.

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