Saturday, 3 July 2010

The Dalek Debate

Well well, who could have imagined the massive divide that the new look Daleks have caused this year. From their first outing in Victory of the Daleks, to their return in The Pandorica Opens, opinion has taken on a somewhat Marmite effect. People are either loving them or hating them, but it's been a long time since we remember something splitting fandom so mercilessly down the middle.

The new look models, with their bulkier mid section and their bright 'all the colours of the skittle rainbow' colour schemes have been mocked, ridiculed, loved and loathed in equal measures, but it seems the majority of fandom are now calling for the Daleks to be put to rest.

The new design, seen by many as a ploy to sell more action figures, hasnt gone down to well, but with no sign of them reverting to their older, more original look, it seems people would now prefer that they didnt show up at all. They have, after all, appeared in around 8 stories since the show returned in 2005, more than any other villain, and they are seen by many to have outstayed their welcome. Add to that their new comparison to overweight Power Rangers, and it seems that their appearances in future episodes just simply isnt welcome.

It is well known that the BBC made demands for the return of the Daleks, seeing them as the driving force of popularity behind the show, but with rumours of the BBC also insisting that they appear every single year, it seems that despite quality falling, we will be graced with their presence for as long as the show airs.

And so to the debate. Well, two actually. Firstly, what are your opinions of the new designs, and do you think the Daleks have outstayed their welcome and need to be rested for a few years? Of course on the other hand, do you think maybe we should see more of them? Let us know


  1. The new design is rubbish but I am happy to see the Daleks re-appear. Just as long as the Doctor doesn't totally destroy them....again.

  2. Destorying them and them finding a way back is deffinately getting old. Lets hope that when the inevitable return comes, they have a new and original story to tackle

  3. Really enjoyed this post, very well written.
    Anyhoo, I'm firmly in the HATE camp for the new look Daleks.
    Massive, fat, skittle looking ipod Daleks are a joke.
    They are 100% there to sell toys, even though some people *claim* Moffat asked for the colours as he loves (why?!) the old Cushing movies.

    The stone Dalek was great, but I feel they need to just go away for a couple years at least.
    And take the Cybermen with them.

  4. Thank you :D

    I think I tend to agree. Though the post tried to remain unbiased, my personal view is that they need to go away for a year or two, and come back with a vengeance and a decent story in the future, possibly after a diet and a change to a more subtle colour scheme. I dont hate the colours, but as you say, it seems to be purely to sell toys

  5. I love the Daleks. They need to reappear often as it is the Doctors biggest enemy. However they have been used so much in the last few series that we need a break from them. There must be other aliens out there that want to destroy the Earth and the Doctor. I can't stand the new design. They just looked like a bunch of power rangers, and no longer look remotely scary. In the cult of skaro it worked for the dalek to be black, it looks more deadly that way. But this new design has taken it to far. I can no longer take the daleks seriously...