Monday, 12 July 2010

Dumbledore Faces The Doctor This Christmas

In news that will excite fans of both Doctor Who and Harry Potter, Actor Michael Gambon who stars in the film franchise as Albus Dumbldore has been cast in this years christmas special alongside Welsh opera singer Katherine Jenkins.

Moffat has stated: "Michael Gambon is as ditinguished an actor as I can imagine and the fact that he was Dumbledore means he is already known to millions of children." He also commented on how Katherine Jenkins is 'brilliant' and that he had no idea she had no previous acting experience.

So how do you feel about that news?


  1. i hope the do a christmas carol type episode and the ghost of doctors past is the first doctor with Gambon playing him. he could easily pull off William Hartnell

  2. michael gambon is an amazing actor, but i cant see how Katherine Jenkins is gonna be any good. to be honest i think theyve started bringing too many celebrities into Doctor Who, i want to watch doctor who, for the writing and the storylines, and the characters played by people who can actually make the characters come alive, not any old celebrity whos big at the moment.