Sunday, 4 July 2010

Neil Gaiman Script Details Revealed *Update*

Some more information has come to light about the Neil Gaiman penned script for the next series of Doctor Who.

Speaking on his Twitter page earlier this week, the writer revealed that his episode will air third in the run of the sixth series.

He wrote: "I think I'll finish this draft of DR WHO (New season 6 episode 3) tonight. A day ahead of schedule. Heavy lifting, but it's faster & better!"

The writer has also confirmed to BBC News that his instalment had the working title 'The House Of Nothing', though it is also expected that the title will now change.

It is believed that the script was to be used during series 5, but was held back for budgetary reasons and replaced with Amy's Choice at the last minute.

It is believed that the episode will be filmed during block two of production in August.

EDIT: Neil has confirmed that the title of his episode has changed (a long time ago actually). He said "My Dr Who Episode was only called "The House of Nothing" for about 20 mins in Feb 2009, when it still had a house in it. & some nothing." So although we know when it will film and air, all rumours regarding to its content and name can probably be swept aside.

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