Saturday, 3 July 2010

More Christmas Special Speculation

Speculation about the Christmas Special is building, with sources claiming that the story will include the Yeti (as previously reported), be set on a Victorian themed planet or could be made in the vein of the Doctors Christmas Carol, though as yet nothing has been confirmed. The end of The Big Bang implied that it could be taking place on the 'Orient Express, in space' and feature an egyption goddess, though many speculate that this is just a hint as to what the TARDIS team's next adventure will be, and will happen off screen. What would you like to see?

In other news, reports are suggesting that a major Hollywood star has been cast in a 'massive role', and that the special will also feature an ex EastEnders actress in a supporting role, with Lacey Turner (Stacey Slater) the main name in the frame.

1 comment:

  1. What would I like to see? Yes, something with a strong Victorian feel like Ghostlight from the original series, please.