Sunday, 1 August 2010

Adventure Games Update

Word has reached me that the third and penultimate game in the Doctor Who Adventure Games range, expected for release in the coming weeks will be titled TARDIS.

The game will apparantly be set entirely within the confines of the Doctors famous time travelling spaceship, while a hidden evil lurks in its infinate halls and rooms, hell bent on bringing an end to The Doctor and Amy. The game will see them having to defeat the enemy and make their way out of the TARDIS.

This was passed on to me by a second hand source, so for the moment treat it as speculation, as the information could change (or be way off) but we always like to keep you informed on what we know.


  1. Jocrassa Fel Fotch Pasameer Day6 August 2010 at 13:12

    That source is also known as the DWO Forums where someone has speculated on this. This news is by no means anywhere near being confirmed in any way at all. It is speculation.

  2. The information about the adventure games was emailed to us by someone, as I said in the article, who got it from another source. The source wasnt provided to me so I couldnt add it in and as it says in the post, it should be treated as speculation, and nowhere in the article does it say that it has been confirmed, so I am not too sure why you feel the need to reittirate that in your comment. I dont visit DWO forums, but there is every chance that whoever posted that could have been the person who emailed the site. Thats not to say it was, just that this kind of rumour and speculation usually starts somewhere. Just because it has been posted on a forum that you visit, doesnt mean to say that the person who sent us the information saw it there too. There are lots of Doctor Who related sites that would no doubt have sections dedicated to speculation about the games.