Tuesday, 21 June 2011

UK has to wait for Miracle Day

Last night saw the official launch of Torchwood Miracle Day at the BFI in London. The first episode of the new series was screened and Russell T Davies, along with some of the cast, was on hand to answer questions.

It had been hoped by many fans that the event would also be used as an opportunity to announce the UK broadcast date, as while many other countries in the world have known for a while when they will be getting a taste of Miracle Day, the UK fans have been kept in the dark. And as it turns out they are still in the dark, as no announcement was made last night either.

One hard fact we do have though is that the show will screen in the US before it airs in the UK. The source for this is BBC reporter Lizo Mzimba who tweeted last night:

No UK transmission date announced. But Russell T Davies told me in interview before, would def air in US before here.

This is further backed up by a few words in a BBC article about the new series from earlier today:

The series will air in the US in early July and be shown later in the summer on BBC One.

While we are all fully aware that the latest series has been UK/US co-production, I think most fans expected that it would be aired in much the same way as the latest series of Doctor Who, with the episodes shown the same day. Sadly it's not to be.

UK fan reaction to the news that the UK is to be made to wait has been, understandably, quite negative in some quarters given the show's roots. You can see some people's thought's on our Doctor in the TARDIS forum.

Torchwood Miracle Day starts screening on Starz in the US on July 8th 2011. As for when it starts in the UK ... who knows?!

So what do you think of this latest development?


  1. I think it's stupid that America gets it before us. Americans may start moaning saying that it's right they get it first and that we do it to them with stuff but that's different. This is an original BBC show not an original Starz show. RTD has sold his soul to the devil and not bothered about the people who made him. If it wasn't for us over at the UK there would have been no Torchwood because people wouldn't have watched it. I guess they all forget that when they go over to America. It's all money before fans. Typical.

  2. The words that really annoy me are 'later in the summer' - makes it sound like there will be a significant gap.

    I think it's a mistake not to show them as close together as possible & I do think there should be some respect shown to the British fans who made the show what it is. I foresee this having a negative effect on the BBC ratings when it does air because many people won't wait for it.