Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Teasers For Episode 10 - The Girl Who Waited

Tom Macrae, writer of The Girl Who Waited, the tenth episode of Series 6, took to his Twitter account yesterday to update the fans with some teasers from his episode, including three quotes.

Macrae, who has previously penned the 2006 Cybermen 2 parter, Rise Of The Cybermen/The Age Of Steel gave us the following dialogue teasers from his script:
  • "How can you have a door without a wall?"
  • "The Green Anchor…The Red Waterfall."
  • "You want to update Twitter!?"
As well as that, he was also generous enough to give us a cryptic clue about something to look out for in the episode....
"Amy’s favourite cat was called Biggles. What’s important is – that’s the name she DIDN’T use later on.."
While he was at it, he also took a moment to clear up some rumours that had been floating around, seemingly out of nowhere and yet reported in many places around the net, about the title of his episode:
"My ep was NEVER called ‘The Green Anchor’, but the Green Anchor is very, VERY important! And also the best place to be."
 Just in case he is feeling generous with the teasers again, you should all follow him HERE

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