Thursday, 8 July 2010

The Great Big Massive Jenny Poll

We were stuck for a title. Could you tell?

Anyways, we asked you if you would like to see Jenny make a return to Doctor Who, and you came out in force to cast your votes. This question obviously struck a chord with all you fans because we saw more votes than we have had for any other of our polls, and we think that is pretty awesome.

I know, you want us to stop congratulating ourselves and just get on with giving you the results, so here they are.

A massive 61% of you came out in support of the character and said that you would like to see Jenny make another appearance in the show. When we put the question to our Twitter followers, it seemed many thought there was plenty of avenues that the writers could go down to develop the character, with many even claiming that she should get some sort of spin off of her own.

On the flipside, 39% of you however would be happy to never have to see her face again. The majority of our Twitter followers who didnt want to see the character return felt the character was badly written, badly acted and in a generally bad episode. Other factors mentioned were that people felt the episode and ultimately her character semed worse because of the cheapness of the episode, while others felt her character was forced in and didnt really fit.

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  1. The comments are still being a bit dodgy, so this one come us on behalf of @imsuchadweek

    'i actually agree with every one of those points... Is that even possible...? They could quite easily develop her character further and even create a spin off, but her character was a bit rubbish in the episode. She has so much more potential when it comes to the character development etc :)'