Friday, 6 May 2011

Ten Teasers For The Curse Of The Black Spot

Digital Spy have compiled ten little teasers from tomorrows episode of Doctor Who, The Curse of the Black Spot. They aren't particularly spoilery, but you might want to avert your eyes all the same.

01. This is definitely an episode of two halves, with a big twist 30 minutes in.

02. There's more than one stowaway aboard Captain Avery's craft.

03. "Look at these brilliant pirates! Look at their brilliant beards!"

04. The Doctor once again laments his lack of a hat, but is soon sporting a new type of headgear.

05. The Tardis apparently contains a bedroom, a kitchen, and several bathrooms.

06. "I want to say 'multi-dimensional engineering', but since you had a problem with 'sensors', I won't go there."

07. One man's greed could spell doom for the ship and its crew.

08. The Doctor makes a mistake that places his friends in peril.

09. Remember the mysterious woman with the silver eyepatch? She's back!

10. The Doctor gets rather intimate with his Tardis.

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