Monday, 2 January 2012

Series 7 News Roundup

With Series 7 being moved to the Autumn schedules and filming on the new series not due to start until February, new news is a little on the thin side, but thanks to Moffs appearance at the BFI screening of The Doctor, The Widow and the Wardrobe as well as little hints in DWM, there are a few interesting facts about the next series that are worth looking at. As we haven't been around much to report on the updates, here is a roundup of what we know so far:
  • Amy and Rory will be leaving the show 'at some point' during Series 7 in what Steven Moffat has described as a 'heartbreaking' end to their story. It has been speculated that it will be Rory's (final) death that brings an end to their travels, though of course this is speculation and the details are likely to be kept top secret.
  • With the departure of the latest companions must come the arrival of the newest. Absolutely nothing is known about who will be taking the place of the Ponds, but it has been hinted that it will just be one companion this time around.
  • Although not confirmed officially, Moffat has said that he expects River Song to return in the new series. 
  • Moffat has also revealed that he has no plans for Series 7 to contain any two part stories, saying "At this stage, everything is a single episode, and the only reason anything will become a two-parter is if we think it needs to be; not so much that the story is too long for 45 minutes, because nothing is too long for 45 minutes, but if it feels as though there are two distinct stages to the story."
  • He also gave us a tiny hint about what to expect from the opening story of Series 7.  "The first episode I’m writing is called '_____ of the _____' and it’ll feel a bit like Die Hard, that first episode." 
  • Marcus Wilson, who acts as producer on the show, has revealed that Series 7 will see the return of 'a couple' of classic villains/monsters from the 1960's and 70's. Leading the popularity stakes on the forum so far is the Zygons and the Ice Warriors, but which would you like to see make a return? Let us know below.
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  1. Zygons and Ice Warriors would be good, and the return of the Master would be much appreciated!

  2. Zygons. Ice Warriors and Draconians are too similar to Silurians. A new Master would be welcome too, but I think the show needs to keep moving on and coming up with great new recurring enemies like the Silents (the creatures, not the religious order), maybe bringing back a handful of the better RTD-era monsters like the Krillitanes and Pyroviles. Above all, I'd like to see some of the monsters/enemies from TW and SJA make it into DW - the Trickster, the Captain and the Shopkeeper from SJA and maybe Captain John, Mary's species and the Weevils from TW.

    I really, REALLY hope that the new companion is someone a little less... white. Smith, Gillan and Darvill are the three palest people on the planet and so the show just LOOKS so much less inclusive than it was a few years ago. It seems to me that people of other skin-tones only get to be disposable supporting characters or cannon fodder these days. Nasreen was great, but there's been no hint that we'll see more of her, and I really want the other half of that story, to see how she and Tony coped when they and the Silurians woke up after a thousand years hibernation. I was really excited about Rita, but she goes and gets killed by the Minotaur (oops, spoilers etc). Mels was AWESOME but we no sooner get to know and like her than she's regenerated into Alex Kingston. How about giving us someone of South Asian (Indian/Pakistani) or East Asian (Chinese/Korean/Japanese etc) heritage? It's pretty sad that the only non-White companions so far have been Martha, Mickey and Chang Lee.