Friday, 23 July 2010

Cumberbatch vying for Matt's Role?

Benedict Cumberbatch, who has recently finished filming Sherlock, a new adaptation by Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss has hinted that he would like to take on the role of the Doctor in the future. Or at least have a large part in the show.

During an interview with Digital Spy, Cumberbatch was asked if he would like to appear in an episode of Doctor Who, to which he replied, "Not an episode of Doctor Who, no." But when asked if he would like to be The Doctor, he said:

"Maybe...We'll see, I mean, it's something that hasn't really crossed my radar much but I think having played Sherlock Holmes it's a bit of a strange thing to then play a small role on that show, without sounding too pompous. To hell with it if it does sound pompous, it probably does."

So it would seem he thinks taking a small role on the show would be a step down. Lets hope Matt sticks around long enough that nobody needs to take the role for a long while.


  1. "Lets hope Matt sticks around long enough that nobody needs to take the role for a long while."

    Actually, this once and just this once, he can't leave soon enough to please me.
    Oh, he's staying past this year and next year? Too long, do not want.

  2. Rubbish. Smith is a great Doctor and I look forward to seeing him in the role during the 2013 50th anniversary year.

    I think most fans would want him to stick around for as long as possible. A refreshingly 'classic' Doctor.

  3. no offense to Cumberbatch, but he's only the Doctor if he wears a cricket uniform with a huge turnip on the lapel. AND he has to do a funny walk every time he leaves the tardis.

  4. This guy can get lost. His pompous attitude tells me that he's ALL wrong for the Doctor. Get LOST, Cucumber.

  5. And I'll ignore Franz's snotty "refreshingly classic Doctor." All the Doctors have been different. So there's truly nothing classic about any of them. They're ALL different.

  6. Is this the same Benedict Cumberbatch who was in the Blake's 7 audios?