Wednesday 30 March 2011

The Return Of Ten??

In amongst the many scenes in the new trailer is this shot of Amy and Rory watching Ten regenerate in the old TARDIS. Twitter has been buzzing with the people wondering if it really was the old TARDIS console, and it definately was. It's blink and you'll miss it, but I managed to capture the frame (just).

There has been speculation today on the forum that there will be two regenerations fetured in series 6, so could the repeat of Ten's be one of them?

The Trailer Has Arrived!

And it looks brilliant!

Saturday 26 March 2011

The Iconic Image Of Series Six

Earlier today the BBC anounced that a new 'Iconic Image' would be unveiled at midnight and so we knew we couldnt go to bed until we had posted it for you all to look at. For all of you awake right now, here it is...

The image will also be available as a wallpaper for your computer, so for links to that make sure you check out The Doctor In The TARDIS forum and let us know what you think of the 'iconic' picture.

Friday 25 March 2011

The Impossible Astronaut Prequel

Its been posted on the forum for a very short while, but for those unable to get there, here is the prequel to The Impossible Astronaut. Its very atmospheric and creepy and a great little teaser of what's to come. Enjoy (and try to ignore the sizing issue :D)

Double Who?

It has been speculated upon for weeks now that we might be seeing the first two episodes of the new series airing over the course of a single weekend, and now it seems that there might be some further evidence to back that up.

Over on the forum, Peri-Peri has posted a link to the CV of Jeff Mash who is starring in Day Of The Moon, the second episode in the run. According to his CV, which you can see HERE, the episode will be airing on Sunday April 24th, just one day after the opener.

Times and dates are always subject to change, so nothing is concrete until we hear it from the BBC itself, but for now it seems that a weekend of new Doctor Who is likely.

Review: The Edge Of Destruction Audiobook

Todays review tells you everything you ever needed to know about The Edge Of Destruction on audiobook... And also Big Mac Meals.

There are some stories that are born of inspiration and broad themes. There are some stories born of an obsession with the format and a desire to delve deeper into the genre. Then there are stories like this.. A story designed to plug a hole in a season that had vastly overspent and needed to keep things simple. On the one side, The epcoh-making Daleks. On the other side, the lavish Marco Polo. But there were two episodes that needed to be filled and very little money in the pot in which to make it! Step forward story editor David Whittaker who, over three days and two nights of solid writing, came up with the cheapest episode ever made in the history of the show...

With this gestation you would be well within your rights to fear the worst. Yet you could not be more wrong. This is a fabulous little tale. Like all good stories, the premise is very simple; after a fault on take off, the TARDIS appears to turn against the crew - or is there a more malignant force at work? Woven into this is a story of paranoia, a Doctor apparently bigoted, plotting against his human companions, the fear of a normally stable and reliable environment turning hostile and dangerous.

This worked superbly as a two episode story, with brilliant performances by all of the lead protagonists but therein lies our second problem. How do you pad this out into a full novel? Again, this concern is groundless. Nigel Robinson does a wonderful job, extending the tension, providing exquisite detail for each of the characters and describing the steady mental disintegration caused by the claustrophobic and tension-rich atmosphere. Add into this, William Russell's superb reading (what a fine actor he is), and what you have here is a real little treasure. If you, like me, adore these early stories then this is an absolute must have. I managed to pick it up for £6.50 and I promise, it is worth every penny! (its only the price of two Macdonalds Big Mac Meals or 4 sausage and egg macmuffins - surely a bargain).

Todays review was written by Chris Newman. For more reviews and merchandise news, check out The Doctor In The TARDIS Forum

Don't Forget The Prequel

This afternoon brings lots of excitement for Doctor Who fans. If you don't already know, then today we will see the airing of the first of the Series 6 prequels on the BBC website and this is your reminder to be there!

The prequel will launch at 4pm GMT but we hope to have a copy of it on the site soon after for all those fans outside of the UK. To discuss the prequel and everything else relating to the upcoming series, check out The Doctor In The TARDIS Forum

Wednesday 23 March 2011

Space & Time Poll Results

So for the last few days we have been asking you all to vote and let us know what you thought about last Fridays Comic Relief episodes. Despite a largely negative vocal response via Twitter, the majority of people who placed a vote, voted positively.

3% of the people who cast a vote said that they thought the specials were awful and hoped that they were not a sign of what to expect from series 6.

31% of people who voted said that they enjoyed the episodes, but didnt think they were particularly great or particularly bad.

66% of everyone who voted to say that they thought the specials were 'totally awesome' and really enjoyed watching.

So there we have it. 2/3's of the people who voted thought it was brilliant. But did you? Let us know in our special Space & Time thread over at the forum

Torchwood Date & Poster Revealed

A poster was unveiled today for the upcoming series of Torchwood. It looks sort of dreadful and I am hoping that it isnt the real deal, but if it is then it at least confirms to us the air date, which will be July 8th (in the US at least)

The poster was found via Ausiello. What do you think of the promo image? Let us know below.

Pre Series Clips Now Avalable

Last Friday we announced how this years series od Doctor Who will see a series of prequels unveiled on the BBC website in the run up to specific episodes, with the first due to come before The Impossible Astronaut.

The BBC today announced that the first one will be available THIS FRIDAY from the official website at 4pm. To tide us over, they have given us a small clip to tease us.

And if that wasn't enough to get your juices flowing, they were even kind enough to give a sneak peak of the episode itself, which will be running on your tellyboxes from 9pm tonight. See it below.

Sunday 20 March 2011

The Doctor In The TARDIS Podcast #1

Hello all!

Ok, so our very first podcast has been recorded and uploaded for you to listen to. We had hoped to have it out to you much earlier today, but editing and hosting took a lot longer than anticipated. We were also going to be bringing it to you via YouTube, but we all ended up talking so much that the file wouldnt fit!

It was our first go and we are learning as we go along so it isnt a perfectly polished piece (so please be easy on us), but please stick with us and keep coming back and listening as we feel our way along because we will be bringing you so much more (with some extra confidence and minus some of the nerves) in later podcasts.

A big, big thank you to Chris, Christine and Mandy for contributing their time and opinions, and we all really hope you enjoy. Now go grab yourself a drink, open up a game of Solitaire and listen to us talk about Doctor Who.

Saturday 19 March 2011

Review: Eighth Doctor Audio - The Skull Of Sobek

Todays review is brought to you by Peri-Peri over on the forum and continues in her line of Eighth Doctor Audios. But enough from me, on with the review....

First to the official description:

Too much perfection is dangerous.

On the isolated planet of Indigo 3, far out in the wastes of the Blue Desert, lies the Sanctuary of Imperfect Symmetry. It is a place of contemplation and reflection. It is also a place of death.

Something from another time, from another world, has found its way inside the hallowed walls. Something with a leathery hide, a long snout and sharp pointy teeth

Sound good so far?

So what's good with it? McGann/Smith - awesome etc! The supporting cast on this audio is brilliant. Barbara Flynn, Giles Watling and Art Malik perform their socks off with the given material and work well alongside the regulars. There are a few great one liners in an otherwise quite unfunny script with some great banter between the good/bad characters. The pacing isnt too bad and the setting is interesting (if perhaps a little underexplored). Potentially a very good and quite scary story in there somewhere trying to get out.

But what's wrong with it? Marc Platt seems to have given up trying halfway through writing the script and you sort of feel that he got bored of it and just wrote in anything to get it finished. As a result the action becomes boring and getting to the end of it is a bit of a challenge. The silly voices of the crocodile possessed people also become very annoying after about 3 minutes and despite the actors putting the effort in, they haven't been given the greatest material to work with. It's a standard Doctor Who-by-numbers story that pales in comparison to the previous outing, which is a shame because given some more effort there could have been quite an interesting story to be told here which just makes it all the more frustrating.

Final Verdict: A safe story with nothing really new or exciting introduced and unfortunately a little boring.

The Skull Of Sobek gets just 2/5 TARDIS's  

Extra Info: 60 minutes long on one disc. Bonus features include cast interview. It can be purchased from Amazon from £6.76

For more reviews and merchandise information, visit The Doctor In The TARDIS Forum

Todays Poll: What Did You Think Of Space & Time?

For weeks now we have been waiting to watch the two Comic Relief mini eps, and last night they finally arrived, but what were your thoughts?

Todays poll is asking just that. You have three options to choose from and 3 days to place your vote. The results will be announced on Tuesday.

Get voting!!

Six Classic Novels For Re-Release

BBC Books has revealed that six novels from their classic range are to be re-released this summer at the bargain price of just £4.99 each. The Novels will feature Doctors One, Two & Three and will be available for purchase from July 7th.

To see all of the brilliant covers, be sure to visit The Doctor In The TARDIS Forum

Space & Time

Last night was Comic Relief night in the UK and as many of you know, Steven Moffat put together two mini episodes of Doctor Who for the event.

Last night we posted the videos on the forum for those to watch outside of the UK, which saw the forum take literally hundreds of hits, but for those who were unable to get to the forum to see them, here they are again, courtesy of the BBC Youtube Channel.

The episodes themselves seem to have sparked debate amongst fandom for their content, so why not let us know hhow you feel about them by visiting our Doctor Who forum, The Doctor In The TARDIS

Tuesday 15 March 2011

Is Jenny Returning?

Various sources around the web are reporting that Episode 7 of series 6 will see the return of Jenny, the Doctor's daughter. If the rumours are correct though, we will be seeing her in her second incarnation.

As far as I am aware the main source for the rumour stems from IMDB, which is probably one of the most unreliable on the web, but the actress in question, Catrin Stewart, is listed there as a character called 'Jenny' and now rumours are rife that it will be the same character originated by Georgia Moffat.

The other explanation of course is that she will be starring and will be playing a character called Jenny, but one that is totally different.

Huge handfuls of salt are needed with this one, but just in case....

Sophie Returns

With the announcement that James Corden would reprise is role in Doctor Who during series 6, and multiple set reports and pictures showing him on set, many fans were left wondering whether we would also see the return of Daisy Haggard as his girlfriend Sophie too.

In a piece of script that was revealed last week, it seemed that Sophie had left Craig, and with no word on casting, and no sight of her on set it was looking as though we wouldn't be seeing another appearance, but over the forum, MandyDuchovney has just posted a great picture showing the pair back together and filming on set, putting speculation finally to rest on whether she would return.

For more spoilers and news, visit The Doctor In The TARDIS Forum

Review: Fourth Doctor DVD - The Leisure Hive

We return to DVD for todays review, and this time it is the turn of The Leisure Hive. Your reviewer for today is Chris Newman.

Oooh, you might be thinking, this is a bit of an odd one to review. Its been out for a while (released in 2004 by those lovelies at 2Entertain), its not the greatest story of all time, no particularly memorable villians. In fact, its a bit of a bog standard Tom Baker yarn...... Oh how wrong you'd be!

For a kick off, this story is now available on a well known online store that shares its name with a rainforest for a measly £5.99. So if you are tempted to dip your toe into the water of Classic Who but are not sure its worth the expense, then this is the same price as a Big Mac Meal and 2 cheeseburgers

I won't waste my time recapping the story. Oh no. Instead I shall give you blurb..
The Doctor and Romana visit the Leisure Hive on the planet Argolis, the surface of which is uninhabitable following a twenty minute nuclear war between the Argolins and their enemies, the Foamsi. The Argolins themselves are now sterile. Pangol, the youngest, was created by the Tachyon Recreation Generator, a machine that runs games in the Hive. He now secretly plans to use the Generator, modified by an Earth scientist named Hardin, to recreate himself many times over, forming an army of duplicates to destroy the Foamsi. Pangol's mother Mena, the controller of the Hive, is meanwhile coming under pressure from a supposedly human finanacier, Brock, to sell it to the Foamasi …
It is a very enjoyable story and has some brilliant moments. The 4 episodes fairly scoot by and Tom Baker looks every inch the 750 year old alien. The costumes are bright and the guest stars are good. But it is the creative team (direction, effects and music) that really shines in this story and for the full details behind that you need to go to the extras...

"A new beginning" is 50 odd minute documentary on the massive changes that JNT undertook when taking the show over from Graham Williams. There is detail on the new music, the new title sequence, the new script editing team and the new costume. It is brilliant and a really detailed discussion of where the show was going in the 1980s and where it was starting to go wrong. It gives such a wonderful insight into the problems of running a show like Doctor Who and I would advise you to watch this documentary first and then watch the show. Your viewing experience will be greatly enhanced.

"From Avalon to Argolis" is a 'making of..' and is well worth your time. It doesn't run for anyway like as long as the other but there is a nice amount of sniping by everyone concerned. It is this doc that gives you a real taste for the directors scope in making the show - Cinematic! The music is likewise of movie quality and (rare for the Classic Era) the effects really stand up - especially the make up of the aged Tom Baker - absolutely superb.

The commentary is a real treat with Chris Bidmead (be warned, he is not to everyone's taste) and the staggeringly divine Lalla Ward). The production notes are wonderful as usual (but the documentaries are so comprehensive that for once they are a little superfluous - they are still worth having on though).

As usual the picture remastering is of a high standard, I watched this on an upscaling LG at 1080i and the picture was wholly acceptable. The 5.1 stereo remix was particularly impressive (good depth of sound and nicely balanced music score).

I am willing to accept that this is not to everyone's taste. Buying this might be a gamble - there are much 'safer' introductions to Tom Baker. But this is a wonderful little story and feels just a little bit different to any other. It is beautifully shot and if you are a fan of early 80s electronic music then the score is sumptuous. So go on, give it a go....

For more reviews and merchandise news visit The Doctor In The TARDIS Forum

The Podcast Is Coming And We Need Your Help

The Doctor In The TARDIS is very excited to tell you that from this Sunday we will be launching our very own transatlantic Doctor Who podcast.

The Podcast will launch as part of our campaign to keep growing and bringing news from the Whoniverse to even more people around the world in various formats.

The Podcast panel is made up of moderators on the forum from both the UK and United States who will get together online to record each broadcast in an effort to bring a balanced and well rounded view on all the latest news, gossip, spoilers and headlines from Doctor Who, Torchwood and The Sarah Jane Adventures.

Our first podcast will focus on the 'Time' & 'Space' Comic Relief mini episodes as well as bringing in discussions and debates on a multitude of other subjects. The core team will alternate between podcasts in order to keep the dynamic fresh and appealing and also to provide different viewpoints for the topics under discussion.

As the series goes on we will be introducing other regular features such as bringing in guests to talk about specific subjects and topics of interest, as well as Q&A sessions where you the fans get to put your questions to the team for us to answer.

We really want you to get involved and help make the podcast a huge success, so what we want you to do is record yourselves asking the panel a question, it can be relating to any aspect of DW, and forward it to us for inclusion in the show. Doing this is easy, quick and totally free. To get your question recorded, you can either do it on your computer at home, or you can visit AUDIOBOO and do it there. Once you have recorded your question and are totally happy with it, send it to us via Twitter or on here and the best ones will be used for inclusion in the podcasts. It really is that simple.

We hope that you get involved, and we really hope that you tune in to each podcast and give us your thoughts and ideas. Each podcast will be posted via YouTube to this page and also to the forum and facebook page, so there will be plenty of ways to stay tuned.

Monday 14 March 2011

Granny Pond

I wouldnt normally dedicate a post to a picture, but as well as being a slow news day (that is, aside from the titles for episode 1 and 2 that we revealed earlier HERE), the picture in question is actually quite a goodun.

Taken during a break from filming, the shot shows Karen Gillen in her role as Amy Pond for the filming of episode 10, and if you look closely you can see Matt in the background too.

EDIT: I have been informed that the picture was actually taken during filming for The Eleventh Hour during Series 5, and not for Series 6 as originally thought. Thanks to Pseudo for the heads up.

Episode 1 & 2 Titles Revealed

The titles of the first two episodes of series 6 have been revealed. The opening two parter will consist of THE IMPOSSIBLE ASTRONAUT and DAY OF THE MOON.

The titles were confirmed earlier today by Lizo Mzimba, and the following 5 episode titles will be revealed in just under 4 weeks by DWM.

Saturday 12 March 2011

Air Date Poll Results

With news that Series 6 of Doctor Who is due to air from April 23rd, and rumours that the opening two parter would be shown on consecutive nights, out latest poll has been to find out how you would prefer it to screen. The results are as follows.

1% of the people who voted said that they didnt care when or how it airs because they have no intention of tuning in to watch anyway.

29% of the people who voted said that they would prefer to wait the usual week between episodes, as with the series being split it is already feeling too short.

31% of people said they didnt mind either way, they would just be happy with the show being back on the air.

39% of people voted however said that they would prefer to see the two parter aired over two consecutive nights as apposed to waiting a week in between.

So there we have it. Nothing is confirmed as yet, but it has been strongly suggested that 39% of our voters will be getting their wish this Easter.

Review: Doctor Who And The Cave Of Monsters

For todays review we hand you back over to Chris Newman and his classic audiobook series.

Here is the blurb from the back of the box...

All is not well at the Wenley Moor underground atomic research station: there are unaccountable losses of power-output; nervous breakdowns amongst the staff; and then - a death! UNIT is called in, and the Brigadier is soon joined by Doctor Who and Liz Shaw in a tense and exciting adventure with subterranean reptile men - Silurians - and a 40 ft. high Tyrannosaurus rex, the biggest, most savage mammal which ever trod the Earth! Caroline John, who played Liz Shaw in the original TV serial "Doctor Who and the Silurians", reads Malcolm Hulke's complete and unabridged novelisation, first published by Target Books in 1974.

Those of us who are familiar with the Target Novelisations generally encountered two distinct styles of interpretation. First, there was the carbon copies of the TV show which, although providing a faithful reproduction, it was my experience that these generally fell a little flat. When I got really excited was when we got something a little different, a novel that diverged from the story sufficiently to add something what was already on the screen. This wonderful novelisation of 'The Silurians' manages to deliver just that. Right from the start, the grittier tone is evident and there is a wonderful prologue which provides a wonderfully detailed description of how the Silurians went into hibernation. The result of that introduction seeps throughtout the story providing a much more sympathetic, rounded and character-driven portrayal of the Silurians. There is, however, light and shade in all of the characterisations throughout and the motivations of all the protagonists become more readily understandable.

The author, Malcolm Hulke was friend and mentor to script editor Terrance Dicks and their styles are not dissimilar. However, the grittier tone of the writing betrays Hulke's communist sympathies. The mistrust of authority comes through and the Doctor is positioned squarely as an agitator, challenging the staid military instincts of UNIT and the security personnel within the complex. Perhaps as this chimes with my own ideas, I instinctively warmed to the writing and found a new affection for the story (I thought the TV series went on an episode too long; a view shared by Terrance Dicks and Barry Letts).

The actual presentation of the Audiobook is worthy of mention. The internal illustrations of the original edition are reprinted on the CD sleeve, together with mini biographies of both the author (Malcolm Hulke) and the narrator (Caroline John).

This is an excellent audiobook, stemming from a beautifully written novel. If you are a fan of The Silurians then I would heartily recommend purchasing this as an excellent example of a novel which compliments and augments the Classic Serial.

For more reviews and merchandise information, check out The Doctor In The TARDIS Forum

Friday 11 March 2011

First Photo: Jack & Oswald

It's been a long time coming and it isnt exactly a screencap but we can now show you the first (I think) photo of John Barrowman and Bill Pullman together in character as Jack Harkness and Oswald Danes.

The photo comes from and was found via the very eagle eyed reporters over at Kasterborous

Series 4 of Torchwood, titled Miracle Day will air this summer on BBC1 in the UK and Starz in the US

Review: Eighth Doctor Audio - Brave New Town

We return to the the Eight Doctor Audio's for todays review, which is brought to you by Peri-Peri.

It's like The Village That Time Forgot!

The inhabitants of the quiet seaside town of Thorington in Suffolk are living the same day over and over again.

What's so special about the 1st of September 1991? Why haven't the villagers noticed that the same song has been number one for years? And just where on Earth has the sea disappeared to?

The Doctor and Lucie must solve the mystery before the 'visitors' return...

So What's Good With It? Ok, so I will get the gushing about Mcgann and Smith out of the way to begin with. They are both amazing in this story and have really settled into their partnership. You can tell just how comfortable they are with each other and it really comes accross. Derek 'SuperTed' Griffiths is also brilliant. The script is absolutely brilliant. Really tight with not a moment wasted, yet filled with enough description, humour, mystery and intrigue to keep you gripped. It is filled with twists and turns to keep you guessing and loads of misdirection so that you think you know what's going to happen, then something else happens right out of the blue. The Autons make their BF debut in a story that is probably one of my favourite Auton stories of any medium and they are given a great update with added intelligence, showing a different side to what we have become used to on the show. I am almost certain that Moffat based his Series 5 finale Autons on the ones in this story. The Doctor's reaction to these Autons and his desire to help them be free of the Nestene is a brilliant twist on the classic villains scenario also. The ending is a lovely cliffhanger type which leaves you begging for more. This story needs a sequel and soon!

But What's Wrong With It? Although the story is ended well and fits brilliantly into the alloted time, it was so good that I couldnt help but wish that there was more time for more adventure and story to be had. It would have worked well as a 2 parter. That's not to say it is rushed or crammed in, but a longer running time would have meant more Auton Adventure.

The Verdict: If you love a great adventure with a great story and a great villain, then this is for you!

Brave New Town gets the very first 5 out 5 TARDIS's


Extra Info: 60 minutes long on a single disc with bonus features. Available for £7.69 from Amazon
For more reviews and audio news, check out The Doctor In The TARDIS Forum HERE

Episode 12 Script Extract

The guys over at DWSpoilers have reported a great little bit of script from the currently being filmed episode 12. The dialogue, which is between Craig and The Doctor, apparantly opens the episode.

The Doctor: Hello Craig, I’m back!
Craig: She didn’t!? How could she phone you!?
The Doctor: How could who phone me? Nobody phoned me, I’m just here. Oh, you’ve redecorated. I don’t like it.
Craig: Its a different house, we moved!… Doctor, what are you doing here?
The Doctor: Social call! How are you?
Craig: I’m fine.
The Doctor: I’m fine too, love to Sophie, bye!

An audio clip to accompany the text was captured by Timeboyy

The Doctors New Coat

Earlier this week we mentioned how the Doctor has been seen wearing a new green coat during filming for episode 12 in Cardiff, and now today SFX have posted a great photo which shows it in (nearly) full.

The 1950's military style jacket is a dark green and has been noted by some to be quite similar to Captain Jacks. Do you like it?

Doctor Who Insider

UK residents now have the option to subscribe to the new US Doctor Who magazine, Doctor Who Insider. If you can't cope without owning everything relating to Doctor Who, then you need to click THIS LINK and get yourself subscribed to 8 issues for £29.99

'Time' & 'Space' Interview

In an interview with Whats On TV, Matt Smith has given a little sneak peak at what to expect from this years two Comic Relief mini episodes.

So, what can you tell us about the story?

"It's great. The set-up is that the three of us are all in the TARDIS together, and the TARDIS materialises within itself and there are two Amy Ponds. It's a real jaunt and a bit of fun."

Is there a bad Amy and a good Amy?
"I couldn't possibly say, but she is quite pleased to meet herself, put it that way. Rory is bemused by the whole affair but, needless to say, two Amy Ponds in his life is no bad thing. Karen really enjoyed playing two versions of herself and it is a really funny performance from her."

Was filming more fun than normal because it was for Comic Relief?
"We are always laughing during filming anyway, but it was really nice to get to do a sitcom-like story in the TARDIS. Sometimes it is good to do something out of context and stand-alone and not have a full story narrative to follow."

The special episodes will be shown on the evening of March 18th as part of the Comic Relief festivities.

Thursday 10 March 2011

Series 6 Wallpapers

After the unvieling of their brilliant promo banner last night, BBC America have topped themselves this evening by releasing it as a wallpaper for your desktop that you can stare at for the next six weeks while you sit and wait in anticipation of Series 6.

If you want one of your very own, then you can download it HERE. It comes in three sizes and looks absolutely brilliant.

Series 6: Everything We Know So Far

Over on the forum, Peri-Peri has been keeping a regular spoiler/episode chart. A new update was posted earlier today so check below for what she has compiled so far....

Episodes 1 & 2 - Titles Unconfirmed

Writer: Steven Moffat
Director: Toby Haynes
Plot Outline: The two-part season opener sees The Doctor, Amy and Rory and River embarking on an epic adventure in 1960s America. Locations include the Utah Desert, The Oval Office and Area 51. Filming in Wales saw people in period dress as well as a cafe in Cardiff transformed into an American Diner. Set photos also showed that areas were mocked up to look like New York. Amy, River and Rory are all seen with tally marks on their bodies, possibly relating to the Silence/Silents. A section of script heard during filming included:

Canton: “Stop! Don’t move!”
River: “There are loads of them, They’re everywhere”
Canton: “America is being invaded!”
River: “America was invaded a long time ago, America is occupied”
Canton: “Don’t move! There’s no way out!”
River: “Oh really?"

There is also a rumour that the script will include the phrase 'Time's gone all bumpy wumpy'. The Doctor will be captured and held at Area 51, long enough to grow a substantial beard. Cavaliers and Nazis will also play a part. Episode one has been confirmed to air on April 23rd, with speculation that episode two will air the following night. It has been claimed that episode one is called 'The Silence'.

Confirmed Cast: Alex Giannini; Kerry Shale (Dr. Renfrew); Emilio Aquino (Busboy); Ricky Fearon (Tramp); Peter Banks (Dr. Shepherd); Chuck Iwuji; Kieran O'Connor (Guard); Henrietta Clemett; Sydney Wade (Little Girl); Tommy Campbell (Sergeant); Mark Sheppard (Canton Everett Delaware III); Jeff Marsh; Marnix Van Der Broeke (The Silent); Mark Griffin (Phil); Glen Wrage; Paul Critoph; Nancy Baldwin; Stuart Milligan; W Morgan Sheppard; Adam Napier (Captain Simmons).

Episode 3 - Title Unconfirmed
Writer: Steve Thompson
Director: Jeremy Webb
Plot Outline: Pirates will be involved in the story and there will be filming at Charlestown, an 18th century port in Cornwall. Filming has been taking place aboard an 18th century pirate ship and video clips from the set see Amy brandishing a sword, being taken below decks and swinging from ropes. We also see the Doctor being made to walk the plank. A Pentogram has been seen painted onto the ship, though as yet we know no reason behind this. Some of the dialogue heard includes:

DOCTOR: Interesting jewellery by the way. And you’ve redecorated. What happened to the rest of the crew? Big ship, where’s the Pirates. I suppose the rest are hiding, they’re all going to jump out and shout "Boo!"

Dialogue from a video posted on the forum of filming in Cornwall indicates that sirens/selkies will be involved and that the pirates fight with sticks instead of swords as 'blood attracts it'. The BBC released a statement saying that Lily Cole will be playing a character that 'haunts a pirate ship'. Rory is also rumoured to become possessed by the Siren.

Confirmed Cast: Hugh Bonnefield (Avery); Lee Ross (Boatswain); Michael Begley (Mulligan); Oscar Lloyd (Freddy); Lily Cole (Siren)

Episode 4 - Title Unconfirmed
Writer: Neil Gaiman
Director: Richard Clark
Plot Outline: This story is to be set on a 'junkyard planet' and will feature 'someone or something not seen since The War Games' as well as someone who 'might just turn out to be an old acquaintance with a new face'. The title was originally to be 'The House Of Nothing', though this has apparantly changed. DWM revealed that the beginning of the episode will be set in 'void space' and there will be a knock on the TARDIS door. Idris begins the episode by preparing for death, but instead of dying she goes mad and then bites the Doctor. Piers Wenger has stated that there will be a 'terrifying chase'. It has been rumoured that Amy and Rory will find themselves lost in the TARDIS, though this could be confused with a similar theory for episode 9.
Confirmed Cast: Suranne Jones (Idris); Elizabeth Berrington (Auntie); Adrian Schiller (Uncle).

Episodes 5 & 6 - The Rebel Flesh & Gangers
Writer: Matthew Graham
Director: Julian Simpson
Plot Outline: The TARDIS trio battle a new life form in a monastery and have to dodge pools of acid. Little else is known about the plot at present but filming took place in Norman castles in Cardiff, Caerphilly and St. Donats as well as Neath Abbey and Rhumney Vicarage. A Sontaran has been seen on set, possibly during pickups from this episode. The story is set to feature clones who work in an office block as well as apparant flashbacks to the Doctors time on Skaro during 'Genesis'. The Doctor will have a 'dilemma the like of which he's never seen before'.
Confirmed Cast: Sarah Smart (Jennifer Lucas); Leon Vickers; Marshall Lancaster (Buzzer); Mark Bonnar; Raquel Cassidy; Edmond Moulton (Adam);

Episode 7 - Demons Run (this has been confirmed to change. see below)
Writer: Steven Moffat
Director: Peter Hoar
Plot Outline:Part one of a two parter. Part two to be shown in the Autumn. A Sontaran has been seen on set, though this could be a pickup from block 3 (eps 5/6) Filming has also taken place in The National Museum where they filmed the museum scenes for The Big Bang. Cybermen have been confirmed for the episode, though as yet there is no word on whether they will be mondas or Cybus. There has been talk of a revised Cybermen design that mirrors earlier Mondas designs but it is not yet known if they will be used. Several theories include the Doctor revisiting members of the Alliance throughout the story, though this is unconfirmed. The 'Blue Man' seen bartering with River in The Pandorica Opens has been seen on set for this episode. It has been rumoured that the Cybermen will capture the doctor and freeze him, leading to the cliffhanger. Moffat has anounced that the title of this episode will change to either A Good Man Goes to War or His Darkest Hour.
Confirmed Cast: Dan Johnston (Thin Man), Dan Starkey (Sontaran), Annabel Cleare, Charlie Baker (Fat Man), Danny Sapani; Joshua Hayes (Lucas);

Episode 8 - Title Unconfirmed
Writer: Steven Moffat
Director: Unknown
Plot Outline: Part two of the split series cliffhanger
Confirmed Cast: Nobody is confirmed as yet, though it is likely that several will reappear from the previous episode

Episode 9 - What Are Little Boys Made Of? (this has been confirmed to change)
Writer: Mark Gatiss
Director: Richard Clark
Plot Outline: This story is apparantly set within an orphanage and includes lifesife living dolls. River Song apparantly returns, as does the TARDIS seen in The Lodger, though these have also been spculated to be part of the opner or part of Neil Gaimans episode (3). Filming took place on a council estate near Bristol which included an old lady and creepy looking twin girls. Filming at Dyrham House saw the Doctor, Amy and Rory chased by giant scissors and toys. One of the posters on the forum also mentioned that we will be seeing more of the TARDIS in this episode, though it will likely be limited to corridors. Extra corridors have also been rumoured for episode 4. Mark Gatiss has said that the title will 'probably' change and other suggestions are 'House Call' and 'Night Terrors'. He also said the little boy in the story is called George 'who is frightened of everything. He has a nervous cough and a nervous blink, and he’s frightened of clowns, old toys, enclosed spaces, vans … and particularly of something being in the cupboard in his bedroom. And the Doctor turns up and tells him that he’s right! I can’t tell you anything more except that the monsters are the creepiest things ever.'
Confirmed Cast: James Oram (George); Daniel Mays (Alex); Emma Cunniffe (Clare); Sophie Cosson (Julie); Leila Hoffman (Mrs. Rossiter); Andrew Tiernan (Mr. Purcell/Mr. Jones); Louise-Marie Bowen (Mrs. Rossiter, China Doll), Fern Duncan, Frances Encell.

Episode 10 - Title Unconfirmed
Writer: Tom MacRae
Director: Nick Hurran
Plot Outline: Filming has been taking place at Uskmouth power station with Karen Gillan wearing prosthetics to make her look older. Due to the double banking of episodes, this could belong to episode 12.
Confirmed Cast: Unknown

Episode 11 - The God Complex
Writer: Toby Whitehouse
Director: Nick Hurran
Plot Outline: According to DWM, the episode is set entirely in a hotel where the rooms and corridors keep changing and are filled with ventriloquists’ dummies and balloons.
Confirmed Cast: David Walliams (Gibbis);

Episode 12 - Title Unconfirmed
Writer: Gareth Roberts
Director: Steve Hughes
Plot Outline: Filming has been taking place at a department store in Cardiff. There is a rumour that a character will get a look back into their childhood, which is speculated to be Rory based on the fact that the department store is called Sanderson & Grainger and the Brilliant Book of Doctor Who had '12 years on and Rory’s still terrified of Granny Grainger' as one of its potential spoilers. Cybermats have been confirmed to appear in the episode, and were seen during filming. James Cordon was also seen filming with a baby. Gareth Roberts confirmed at a convention that one of the lines is 'I work in a shop now'.
Confirmed Cast: James Cordon (Craig); Lynda Baron;

Episode 13 - Title Unconfirmed
Writer: Steven Moffat
Director: Adam Smith
Plot Outline: Series finale. It has been rumoured that episode 13 will be a stand alone and that episodes 11 & 12 will instead be a two parter. For the moment this is unconfirmed
Confirmed Cast: Unknown

Cybermen are rumoured to be appearing in some form in at least episodes 5, 6, 7, 8, 12 & 13. Episodes 12 and 10 are reportedly being double banked and filmed simultaneously in a block with episode 12. 8 and 13 remain unfilmed as far as we are aware. Alex Kingson has been seen back in Cardiff so will probably resume filming on those two episodes in the next block. There is plenty more to be found around the forum that is as yet unconfirmed so check the spoiler and speculation threads for more info.
So there we have it. A bilg old comprehensive pile of what we know so far. The chart is updated regularly so keep checking back HERE for all the latest updates from Peri-Peri

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Todays Poll: Should The Opening 2 Parter Air On Consecutive Nights?

For the first time since the show returned in 2005, the opening story will be a two parter. Rumours are rife that the episodes will air on consecutive evenings over the 23rd and 24th of April.

In todays poll we want to find out how you feel about this. Should we stick to the weekly format and make the series last longer, or are you too impatient to wait a week to find out what happens in the cliffhanger?

Cast your votes in todays poll and let us know your thoughts. You have 48 hours to decide.

Review: Fourth Doctor DVD - Meglos

Carrying on with our range on reviews, today we put away the audios and take a look at Meglos. Oroginally aired in 1980 and featuring Tom Baker as the Fourth Doctor, Meglos recieved it's first DVD outing in January this year. ChrisNewman1972 reviews it for us....

The bumpf on the back of the box gives us an indication of what a little treat we're in for.....
On Tigella, two opposing factions are irrevocably divided over one fundamental issue: the Dodecahedron, a mysterious artefact which provides the entire planet’s energy. With the Savants and the Deons locked in a crippling stalemate, and their civilisation on the brink of collapse, the Tigellan leader Zastor seeks the Doctor’s help. But the Doctor and Romana have been trapped aboard the TARDIS in a timeloop by Meglos, the last of the Zolpha Thurans, who will stop at nothing to steal back the awesome power of the Dodecahedron...
This story leaps out from the retained memories of my 8 year old consciousness. I remember the Cactus Doctor. It was such an amazingly strong image. I didn't know that the actress who had played Barbara Wright was making a comeback to the show that she had so beautifully graced or that the man who played the kidnapped earthling was also an accomplished playwright. Nor did I care. It had a scary cactus baddie and to an 8 year old, that was what I got fixated with. Therefore, watching this story was always going to be a bittersweet moment as I slew one of those monsters from my childhood but also realised that a little part of my childhood had died in the battle. For the record, it is rubbish being a 38 year old. I loved being an 8 year old though, and Meglos was part of the reason why.

Now for the mature reflection.... The story is not at all in keeping with the more rigorous approach to scripts that JNT and Chris Bidmead introduced. The supporting cast is very good with some real strong performances from the supporting cast. Jacqueline Hill was radiant, regal and a lesson to casting directors everywhere about finding parts for actresses over 50. Bill Fraser and Frederick Treeves are both splendid and look every inch the time-served theatre actors. Poor Edward Underdown (Zastor) looks like he's on his last legs but makes it through to the end with a lovely little performance. The effects make use of a new camera synchro tool called 'Scene-Sync' which means the CSO effects are much better than in previous adventures. The score is good, the costumes are interesting and generally the whole thing looks nicely put together

The DVD itself is another fine 2Entertain package. There is a lovely 'making of' where the two writers gad-about London reminding themselves of how they came up with the idea and also includes a meeting with Chris Bidmead and a bit of matey banter in there. There is a very nerdy explanation of Entropy by a very clever physicist which pleased me greatly. Perhaps the cherry on the cake is the 10 minute tribute to Jackie Hill containing interviews with her husband and friends. A rare beam of light is shed into her world and our world is all the better for it. A lovely and fitting tribute which is (in my not-so-humble opinion) worth the money for the DVD alone.

In conclusion, Meglos has the feel of a Douglas Adams romp about it. Completists will want to own it simply because it is the final missing DVD from Tom Baker's last season. In terms of the rest of the season, it jars as being a little incongruous. It is fun - but it never really decides exactly what message or theme it is looking to promote. I think it is safe to say Meglos will never win any prizes amongst fans for favourite stories but it will almost certainly never be on a 'most hated' list. And i think that rather nicely sums Meglos up. It's not the best, it's not the worst and it has some good moments. I don't see it earning any new converts to Doctor Who, but then again, I am not an 8 yr old boy.....

For more reviews and information about previous and upcoming releases, visit The Doctor In The TARDIS Forum

"The Geography Keeps Changing"

This months DWM features a whole interview with Toby Whitehouse, writer of episode 11 of series six, 'The God Complex', and as a little teaser to all the fans, their facebook page has been updated to include a brief snippet from the interview which gives a little teaser to the plot....
"Steven Moffat said 'The Doctor and Amy are trapped in a hotel and the geography keeps shifting.' I said, 'Oh yeah?' He said, 'No, that’s literally as far as we've got.'" Toby explains. "So that was the starting point. That one line. A lot of the ideas just fell into place..."
Not a lot to give away, but just enough to get minds racing and the speculators speculating.

As far as themes go, Series 6 seems to have a lot of characters getting lost, trapped or seperated in several episodes, with rumours of Amy and Rory being lost in the halls of the TARDIS, Amy being lost at an orphanage, the whole team being trapped in a giant dollhouse and River and Rory having to find their way around the mysterious 'Logder' TARDIS. What could it all mean?

Experience The Experience

The good guys over at SFX have put up a video promo from the new Doctor Who Experience in London fo all the people who aren't lucky enough to attend to see what they are missing.

The video, at just under 90 seconds shows elements of the tour and the interactive session as well as fan reactions, a little snippet with Steven Moffat and even some enemies of the Doctor. If that wasn't enough there are even some clips of Matt as the Eleventh Doctor as seen on the tour.

But enough of reading this, have a watch instead....

Wednesday 9 March 2011

Trust Your Doctor

Hot on the heels of Doctor Who Magazines anouncement today that April 23rd will see the launch of Doctor Who series 6, BBC America have revealed their quite frankly brilliant promo poster for the launch.

There isnt much more that can be said about the poster other than 'WOW'. Taking full advantage of this USA filming, we can see the Doctor on a nighttime Utah backdrop with only the light from his Sonic. The BBC have a way to go to trump this offering.

Big thanks to PopRockGeek for finding the image.

Episode 11 News and Title Confirmed

Last week when the new DWM cover was released with a caption at the top saying 'Discover the terrors of The God Complex' it sent fans into overdrive that we may now have a title for an episode.

If you subscribe to DWM and are lucky enough to get your copy a day early, then today you will have opened it to find out that 'The God Complex' is indeed a title. Of episode 11. They have also stated that episode 7 will either be called 'His Darkest Hour' or 'A Good Man Goes To War'.

Little is known about episode 11 at present but the magazine does reveal that it will be written by Toby Whitehouse and directed by Nick Hurran. We also know that it will feature David Walliams in the role of Gibbis.

Reports around the net have said that Walliams character will have the features of a mole and be from another planet, but other than Walliams himself stating that he is playing an alien, we have no other confirmation of this.

So far, other titles that have been anounced are Gangers and The Rebel Flesh. Demons Run has also been speculated. Previous speculative titles that have since been denied officially are The House Of Nothing and What Are Little Boys Made Of?

DWM has promised more news and previews in the next issue.

NB: The picture is NOT from episode 11.

Join Our Doctor Who Forum Today

As most of you know, way back before Christmas we extended the news site and opened up our Doctor Who forum as a way to let the fans discuss all the news and speculate on what's to come in the worlds of Doctor Who, Torchwood and The Sarah Jane Adventures.

The forum took off and became more popular than any of us expected and though we havent reached the dizzying heights of some of the bigger and more well known forums on the web, we have created a thriving and vibrant community for fans new and old alike.

The continued growth has seen our small moderating team of 5 extended to eleven, as well as three sub moderators, to help manage the amount of posts and threads that are created daily, and our 8 little topic sections have grown and expanded so much that we now have nearly 40 different areas burting with conversation.

Within the forum we have sections dedicated specifically to every Doctor Who spin off as well as several for the main show itself, a section for news and spoilers for the upcoming series', several merchandise sections to cater for all the games, books, dvds and nik-naks, a classic section, 3 roleplaying sections, character galleries, a fanfiction area and a new section due to be opened in the coming weeks for the realtime discussion of everything relating to series 6. If that wasn't enough, we also have an enormous, recently extended section dedicated to everything outside the world of DW where you can talk about anything from the last movie you watched to the most embarrassing thing thats ever happened to you.

The feedback we have had for the forum has been overwhelmingly positive and we have even started to get noticed and mentioned in other places around the web for our up to date news, welcoming atmosphere and friendly attitude to fandom. Many of our members have stated that they have been put off by forums in the past due to unfriendly members and/or bad moderation, but were convinced to give it another try because they felt so welcomed at The Doctor In The TARDIS.

Our main ethos is that no one fan is more important than another and that every opinion is valid and welcomed. One of the reasons we have been so successful is because everybody is given the opportunity to have their say free from judgement and ridicule and arguments and rudeness just doesnt play a part there.

None of what we have built so far would have been possible without our members. We have gone from strength to strength and grown tremendously, but without our members coming back to us every day and sharing their thoughts and views we would never have got off the ground. In order to keep growing and keep getting better though we want to bring even more people on board and into the fold.

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Miracle Day News

Lots of bits of info have been trickling through in regards to Miracle Day so here is some of the latest.

Last week saw the revelation of the casting of Ernie Hudson, known to many as Winston from Ghostbusters. Little is known about his role though at present. Other minor castings include David Youse and Randa Walker, as well as Jessica Matthews who has been cast as a news anchor.

Behind the scenes, Shawna Trpcic who is working as a costume designer revealed via her twitter feed that Guy Ferland and Gwyneth Horder-Payton have both signed on to direct episodes of the upcoming series, though again, as yet we do not know which ones. John Fay has announced that the episode he has written is episode 9. John Wells has also signed on to produce.

Filming this week has been taking place in Venice Beach where managed to snap some pictures of Eve Myles mid filming.

Filming is set to continue this weel in LA, with rumours that it will be moving to South America in the next fortnight, though this is as yet unconfirmed. Kai Owen has revealed that he is due to fly out to LA to continue filming from this coming Saturday, 12th March.

For all the latest news and updates as they come in, be sure you check out our Miracle Day section of the forum:

Review: Logopolis Audiobook

Todays review comes to you from @ChrisNewman1982 who originally posted it over on the forum. To read this and all his other reviews, then visit our Doctor Who Forum HERE. Over to Chris...

There is something about the Target novelisations that, for Who fans of a certain age, sum up the Doctor Who experience more than anything else. My early teenage years saw me try and assimilate as many of these as I could lay my hands on. There was no DVD and VHS releases were limited to Revenge of the Cybermen and The Seeds of Doom (not bad options but when watched 83 times over school holidays the lustre does fade a little). So Target Novels became the only real access to Doctor Who episodes that were readily available.
Logopolis was my favourite of all of these for a number of reasons. First, it was my first regeneration and there was lots in it about computers (which to a 10 year old was little short of perfection). Secondly, Christopher H. Bidmead went on for pages about Block Transfer Computation, Entropy and the Causal Nexus. It was hardcore technobable which verged on the obscure and I LOVED IT! Finally, the idea of the story as being part of a trilogy (Keeper of Traken/Logopolis/Castrovalva) and having lots of time lord mythology - I gotta tell you this was the gold standard for me and very little in my life has matched the pleasure of the first time I read Logopolis.

So it was with some excitement that I ordered my copy of the unabridged audio read by my erstwhile hero, Chris Bidmead. Global recession, rioting on the streets of London, A conservative prime minister and rubbish music - it was like being back in the 1980s and I couldn't wait to strap on my Gordon Gecko braces and live it all again.

Whether it was Bidmead's reading style (which sounds not unlike a University lecture), or my own overhyped expectations, I can't really say but I must confess to being a little underwhelmed on first listening. It was a little.. *whispers*...dull! The writing style is a little smug in places and overly verbose in others. Yet my disappointment didn't stretch to turning off. Instead I ploughed on and it did improve somewhat when the travellers arrived in Logopolis. Characterisation was never Bidmead's strong suite and never is this more glaring when introducing new characters such as Tegan. On the plus side, the science geek in me was thoroughly satisfied and the idea behind the central story thread (a universe held together by mathematics) is a wonderful one. The novel gives you time to explore these issues and in that respect it is wonderful.

I love audiobooks for long train journeys and commuting. I like them when I can't sleep. So I get the point behind these series of releases. But in the case of Logopolis an objective review - from this reviewer - is almost impossible. I guess it is like having someone that you really fancied as a teenager (with all the attendant hormonal attachments) and bumping into them in Tesco 20 years later. In a way there is only going to be anti climax. But it still doesn't stop you wanting to go back for a coffee and a bit of slap and tickle just to try and recapture those teenage memories.

Tuesday 8 March 2011

Talk Of Air Dates

Series 6 of Doctor Who is just around the corner, but as of yet we have had no official anouncement about air dates. Speculation is rife amongst fandom and we know from an article in Doctor Who Magazine that we can expect the launch to be sometime in April, but with the powers of deduction we may have it narrowed down.

Last week DWM tweeted that there is a seven week wait until the new series airs. When added up, this would give a launch date of April 23rd. It could be a red herring to throw us off, but it is more likely that DWM were giving us a little clue about when to expect the new series.

It does seem a long way off at the moment, and of course this is speculation rather than solid statement, but with two special segments scheduled for Comic Relief on March 18th, and rumours of a new trailer to follow on the 19th, we will at least be getting some of our Who fix in the meantime.

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I always want to work hard to make sure that all the latest news gets to you as fast and as easily as possible, so today we are launching The Doctor In The TARDIS Mobile.

A lot of our readership use various phone technology to keep up with the site, but the backgrounds, graphics, polls, ads and links often take up much of the room which often makes the news hard to see and can make the whole process a lot slower.

With the new format for mobile phone users, all the non essential stuff is cut away leaving you able to access all the latest updates more quickly, without the fuss of zooming and linking just to read whats new. Every article will be listed on the main page with either a brief breakdown or the opening sentences, which you can then access in one easy click to read the whole thing.

Leaving comments or linking to articles is just as easy as ever and can be done in just one click. It is also now easier to read other peoples comments on any given article that is posted, again all in one easy, fast and simple click.

Of course, if you like the old mobile layout, you can still access it by choosing to view the site in its web format.

I hope this makes viewing the site a lot easier and more enjoyable for all our mobile users. Let us know what you think of it by leaving a comment below.

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Review: The Myth Makers

Todays review comes to your courtesy of @ChrisNewman1982 who has been reviewing the classic audio novels and soundtracks over on the forum, more of which can be found HERE. So, without further ado, it's over to Chris...


Its blurb time....

The Doctor has adopted many guises in his time, but to be hailed as the great god Zeus is a bit of a shock. Yet this is exactly what happens when the TARDIS lands on the plains of Asia Minor, not far from the city of Troy. Taken to the Greek camp by Achilles, the Doctor is introduced to Agamemnon and Odysseus and forced to admit his less-than-godlike status. He is then given just 2 days to come up with a strategy for defeating the Trojans.

Meanwhile, Steven and Vicki have been taken prisoner by the other side. The Trojans are convinced that Vicki is a spy - and to prove her loyalty she must concoct a plan to defeat the Greeks! Like the Doctor, she has just two days to do it.

Luckily for the Doctor, a certain someone has already devised a scheme for beating the Trojans. Even if the wooden horse was invented for a piece of fiction written in the eighth century, it still works. As the opposing forces come face to face in a climactic battle, there are dangers aplenty for both Steven and Vicki. By the time the TARDIS moves away again, it will have both lost and gained a crew member..

Let us make no bones about it, this story is an absolute cracker! I am a little one-eyed about this story so an objective review is almost impossible for me to produce. What I will instead try to do is give a list of reasons as to why I have enjoyed this story so much...

At the heart of the story (and every good story that this franchise has ever produced) is a crackling performance by the Doctor. Hartnell shines in this story showing a comic touch which betrays his early acting roots. He clearly is more comfortable with this style of story as opposed to those with a more scientific basis. The supporting cast is excellent with Max Adrian's charismatic performance as King Priam particularly impressing.

However, a workman is only as good as his tools, and all of the cast should be thankful for a beautifully written and well crafted script. Donald Cotten has produced a witty, fast paced and highly literate script. Admittedly there are a few liberties taken with the history of the time but these are eminently forgivable when balanced against the needs of story-telling. The final episode is a joy to behold with comedy, tragedy, pathos and melancholy playing against each other and beautifully realised by the performers. The departure of one of the TARDIS regulars and the serious injury to another is almost brutal in the way it is portrayed and this just adds to the general feeling that this story is something special. Occasionally the script tends to be a bit wordy in places and it can be a little difficult to keep ones concentration but actually, this tends to assist the aural experience rather than hinder it. As always, Peter Purves provides an excellent linking narrative and Mark Ayres and the restoration team do a first class job in cleaning up the original source material.

And that, normally, would be that. A first class story which is rollocking good fun yet with a brutal sting in the tail. However, I cannot leave the review without also recommending the Audiobook of the Target Novel which is available now on Amazon for about £5.

This novel, written by Donald Cotten and read by Stephen 'Omega' Thorne is a wonderful counterpoint to the audio soundtrack and is an excellent example of the type of writing which helped us slightly older fans to access the stories in the days before DVDs and VHS.

For more of Chris' reviews, and more by other members, remember to check out our FORUM