Saturday, 31 July 2010

Ultimate Companion Wave 8 & 9

Another day of voting is over with, but this time it was a little different. Due to the fact that a certain Eighth Doctor, who shall remain nameless, had only one companion, we had to merge him with the Ninth in order to get our results. Anyway, here are the results:

Captain Jack received 18% of the votes
Grace received 30% of the votes

And so going through to the Ultimate companion Poll is Rose Tyler, who got 52% of the votes.

The first companion of the new era of Doctor Who, Rose travelled with the doctor for two years before being sucked into a parallel dimension. Despite this though, she still managed to make appearances from time to time and is often classed as the greatest companion ever.

Demon Quest: Relics Of Time

Information about The Relics of Time, the first in the new series of Fourth Doctor audio serials, written by Paul Magrs, has been available, and it sounds like its going to be another great adventure.

The story itself comes in 5 seperate parts and will act as a direct sequal to last year Hornet's Nest. Tom Baker will once again be taking ont he role of The Doctor alongside Richard Franklin and Susan Jameson as Mike Yates and Mrs Wibbsey.

The official synopsis:

"The Doctor returns to Nest Cottage but lands in trouble when a key component from the TARDIS disappears. Mrs. Wibbsey is inadvertently responsible, but all she can offer in recompense is a bag containing four curious objects. It seems that each one is a clue, and the beginning of a chase through Time. In ancient Sussex they are apprehended by primitive tribesfolk, and mistaken for wizards. Can the revered goddess Wibbsentia get them out of hot water? Who is the fearful wizard in the neighbouring village, and why is the countryside littered with bodies? The Doctor and Mrs Wibbsey are about to discover that all is not right with history."

The audio is availabe from September 2nd in the UK and November 16th in the US of A

Friday, 30 July 2010

Amy's History Hunt

If you go down the the Official Doctor Who website, you're sure to find a surprise. Well technically, I guess you won't. Not until next week anyways when the new interactive quest featuring Amy Pond becomes available.

The History Hunt (not one of the Adventure Games) is free from the site and does not need to be downloaded, which is handy. This is what the Beeb had to say:

“The History Hunt stars Karen Gillan as Amy in a series of exclusive, specially shot videos. Your challenge is to help Amy unlock the Doctor's safe and you can find out how and what's at stake on Monday. But if you're successful you'll release a special short story by Paul Cornell, writer of Father's Day, Human Nature and The Family of Blood.

Throughout the quest you'll find out more about the Doctor's friends and places he's visited. Plus, you'll get Amy's unique point of view about some of the amazing people she's met during her adventures with the Time Lord."

Will you be playing? Let us know below.

Series 5 Is Back

For those of you who just can't get enough of Matt Smith, Karen Gillan and Arthur Darvil, You will be pleased to know that BBC3 are now repeating all episodes from series 5, starting with The Eleventh Hour tonight at 7pm. The series will then continue from Tuesday with The Beast Below.

Doctor Who Series 5.4 DVD

The official cover art for the fourth and final series 5 DVD set has been revealed and I have to say, it's the nicest of the lot.

Featuring the last four episodes of series 5, Vincent and the Doctor, The Lodger, The Pandorica Opens and The Big Bang, the set is available from September 6th on DVD and BluRay.

Again featuring a Monster Files bonus feature, the DVD also comes with free Top Trumps cards. The DVD has an RRP of £15.99 for the DVD and £19.99 for the BluRay.

Ultimate Companion Wave 7

There wasnt much in the way of competition in our latest poll. The Seventh Doctor ran a bit low on companions, and the majority of people who left comments about the poll on Twitter seemed to think it was going to be a one horse race. Sometimes though, the results can surprise.

Unfortunately, this wasnt one of them. Mel recieved only 11% of the total votes. Which means going through to the Ultimate Companion Poll, is Ace, who recieved 89% of the vote.

Ace met the Doctor in 1987's Dragonfire after being caught in a time storm and transported to Iceworld. She stayed with the Doctor onscreen for two years and was last seen in the final serial of the classic series, 1989's Survival.

Are you happy with the results? Let us know in the usual places.

Now, due to Eight having only one companion, his poll will be merged with the Ninth Doctor, to find the favourite companion of them both

Moffat Penning 5 Series 6 scripts

With the news that the BBC want more episodes of Sherlock next year, it was a worry of some that it would affect the ammount of time and work that Steven Moffat would be putting into the new series of Doctor Who. But worry not, people.

In a recent interview with Den Of Geek, Moffat was asked if the increased Sherlock workload would mean he is doing less work with Who, and he had this to say:

"I’m doing the Christmas special plus five[for series 6], so it’s the same. Six again. I’m basically following what Russell did. Having worked out the sums and worked out how he does it, I thought that’s a perfect way of doing it."

Some had speculated that with the ammount of potential scriptwriters for the upcoming series, Moffat would take a decreased workload, but it seems his imput will remain the same for the next year.

In other news, Neil Gaiman has revealed that he has submitted the SEVENTH version of his script to the BBC, via his Twitter.

So are you happy with so much Moffat input in the next series? Let us know below.

Thursday, 29 July 2010

Michael Gambon's Role Revealed?

According to our source, Michael Gambons character in this years Christmas Special is named Kazran.

A local of the 'Victorian' setting that the Doctor visits, the character is said to have had several encounters with the Doctor throughout his lifetime, much like Moffat's other characters Amy Pond and Reinette (The Girl In The Fireplace) and will take the place of the 'Scrooge' character from A Christmas Carol, the story that the Christmas Special is said to be loosely based on.

The character is also going to be seen at various stages throughout his life within the episode, played by other actors, though whether these will be just flashbacks or the Doctor hopping timelines is as of yet unknown.

As always, as soon as we find out more, you will be updated.

More Torchwood Updates

It's always the same. One minute we're complaining that there is nothing to report on, the next minute RTD gives an interview and we are full of interesting tidbits of information to relay to you.

Talking again about what to expect in the new series of Torchwood, the genius that is Russell T Davies has done what he does best: giving lots of information, without giving anything at all away.

Rather than bombarding you with lots of words (we all know he can talk for Wales), we have broken down what he said, and all the relevent fun bits, into little sections.

THE HUB - Gone
"It's funny, in Children of Earth episode one I destroyed their base, and ever since people have been saying, 'Have they got a base?', No, I destroyed it! And thats the point. They won't be digging up the Hub. They won't be finding a new Hub. Torchwood is their designation now. It's who they were and what connects them."

"Time has passed since Torchwood was last on air, and that's reflected in the series. In episode one, Torchwood has been forgotten. It was destroyed. Then events start to draw everyone back together again, which gives the chance for american characters to come in and say, 'What was Torchwood?' So Torchwood is now like a legend. It's the one thing that binds Gwen and Jack together, and then mysteriously, this new set of events sets things in motion."

GWEN'S BABY - Possibly Gone
"Maybe (Gwen still has a child), or maybe the plot is all about intergalactic baby stealers! Actually, don't write that, people will believe it."

"I like to think that when Steven Moffat so thoughtfully closed all those cracks in the universe, the Rift in Cardiff closed up at the same time. I used to wonder what the hell happened to that Rift and now it's all solved. When I watched those cracks seal up I was like, 'Oh, thank you.'"

IANTO - Gone
"Permantly dead. Yes he is, bless him. I saw an interview with Gareth David-Lloyd recently where he was saying, 'That's enough, thanks'. Leave him to get on with his career!"

WALES - Almost Gone
"It's funny, the word 'international' is the thing everyone seems to have hooked onto. There's gonna be a bit of [Wales] in this series. I can't wait to see how that plays in America. It's not one of those dramas that suddenly flies off to China for no reason. There are proper reasons, and people getting separated across oceans. There's some really interesting global stuff about the story. They're not swanning about for the sake of it."

So what do you think of these changes to the show then? Are they good moves, or detrimental to the show? Let us know below and if you want even more, you can read the full article in this months SFX magazine.

Meanwhile In The TARDIS...

You may remember that last week we told you that the Series 5 box set will include two specially filmed scenes as extras, titled Meanwhile In The TARDIS..., and we can now reveal what the scenes will be about.

The two inserts, written by Steven Moffat will star Matt Smith & Karen Gillan as the Doctor and Amy. The first will slot neatly between The Eleventh Hour and The Beast Below and will explain why Amy was floating in Space above the Starship UK at the beginning of the episode.

The second scene will fit in after Flesh and Stone and before The Vampires Of Venice and will explain what happened in the TARDIS after Amy throws herself at the Doctor and tries to kiss him.

The Boxset will be available on November 8th in the UK and 9th in the US.

Ultimate Companion Wave 6

It was a two horse race this time around in our quest to find the Ultimate Companion. Literally, there were just two contenders. Peri and Mel. Both were very different, but there could only be one winner. First though, the runner up is...

Mel, who recieved 27% of the votes

Which means that Peri is going through to the ultimate companion poll with 73% of the votes.

After meeting the Doctor in 1984's Planet Of Fire, Peri was a member of the TARDIS team for two years, seeing the Doctor through his regeneration from Fifth to Sixth incarnation, before finally leaving in 1986's Mindwarp.

Tovey On Torchwood

Fans have been speculating for months about who they would like to see appear in the new series of Torchwood, and one name that seems to be high on most people's lips is Midshipman Alonso Frame who was played by Russell Tovey. It seems the fan reaction has reached his ears because he spoke out this week at Comic Con about a possible role.

At the Being Human panel, a fan asked if he was going to be appearing and Tovey had this to say: "I dunno. No idea. Genuinely no idea. There's been lots of rumours. I did that scene in 'End of Time' and I never really thought anything of it. To be honest, I've never really watched Torchwood, but since then I've been bombarded with messages asking 'are you gonna be Jack's lover?' I genuinely don't know."

John Barrowman has previously spoken out to say he would like to see the character return, saying: "What I'd love, what I think would be great, is if Midshipman Frame became Jack's companion in Torchwood. He's the perfect companion for Jack. It'd be like Batman and Robin. Of course I'm Batman. He's Robin."

So no word yet, but it seems that it as least hasnt been ruled out. Would you like to see him return? Let us know by commenting below.

Wednesday, 28 July 2010

The Four Doctors

If ever there was a reason to subscribe to Big Finish, makers of many Doctor Who audio dramas, then this is it. The Four Doctors. Work is still underway on the audio, expected for realease in December, which sees the Fifth, Sixth, Seventh and Eighth Doctor in what Big Finish is calling 'A time-bending battle against the Daleks.'

An update on their site today had this to say:

"The story, which is written by Peter Anghelides and stars Peter Davison, Colin Baker, Sylvester McCoy, Paul McGann and Nicholas Briggs, is released in December and will be available only to subscribers of the main Doctor Who range.

In a departure to previous years, there are no plans to subsequently make this story available for sale. The Four Doctors will only ever be available to Big Finish subscribers."

What more reason could you need for getting yourself over to their site and signing up? And just to make things extra easy, here is a nifty little link to transport you to their site faster than even a TARDIS could. Clicky Clicky

Ultimate Companion Wave 5

Well it has been an eventful 24 hours in the voting world. Despite some espionage and death threats from the Cult of Adric, we managed to get through it and get the correct results, and the votes are now in.

Adric recieved 10% of the vote
Turlough recieved 13% of the vote
Nyssa recieved 20% of the vote
Peri recieved 25% of the vote

And the winner of wave 5, going through to The Ultimate Companion poll and joining Susan, Jamie, Jo and Romana1 is Tegan who recieved 32% of the votes.

After joining the TARDIS crew in 1981's Logopolis, Tegan was the longest continuing companion on the show, staying for three years and one month before finally leaving in 1984's Resurrection Of The Daleks.

Doctor Who Being Cancelled!!

Well obviously it isnt, but the monkeys over at The Sun have been sat in front of those expensive typewriters once again and this is the story they have come up with now.

Despite Steven Moffat speaking out last week to say that Matt Smith isnt going anywhere and the role of The Doctor isnt being recast, proving their last 'scoop' wrong about him quitting, they have once again outdone themselves and managed to work his quote into an admission that the show will instead be cancelled.

They have come up with this based on the fact that the first episode of Sherlock proved popular, and so with Steven Moffat at the helm of both, one will have to make room for the other.

Last week after they ran their story about Matt leaving, Steven Moffat made a comment about how he was staying for the forseeable and joked "Matt Smith is the Doctor and he has been an astonishing success and - who knows - maybe he will never regenerate again."

The Sun however have managed to see this as a claim that the Doctor will not be regenerating again because the show will be cancelled first to make way for Sherlock.

99% of people know not to believe anything that appears in The Sun, and I have already reported previously on the work already underway preparing for Series 7, and the fact we know Doctor Who is moving to the new Drama village for Series 8, so there is nothing to worry about, but lets hope this one gets nipped in the bud before people really do start believing it.

Thanks to @markacollins for finding the story.

More Christmas Special Casting

According to her online CV, Laura Rogers will be staring in this years Christmas special alongside the likes of Michael Gambon and Katherine Jenkins. Her previous screen credits include Bad Girls, Midsummer Murders and Holby City. You can check out her full CV here

Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Art For Hearts

The Art For Hearts blog has been promoting upcoming auctions of artwork by children's illustrators with many Doctor Who themes. It is a great cause and all proceeds will go towards research done by the transplant team at Great Ormond Street Hospital.

One item of the artwork is sold each week, which gives you a great reason to keep checking back to the site, and the links they provide to each peice on ebay. It really is a great cause and you get the double win of helping to raise money, as well as getting your hands on lots of one of a kind Doctor Who artwork. You can find the site here: Art For Hearts Auction

Below is some of the artworks that have been or will be put to auction so far:

Once again, to see other artworks and get links to each auction peice, visit Art For Hearts

Ultimate Companion Wave 4

The fourth round of votes have come to a close and one again you have all been voting like crazy. This time, as you know, we were looking for your favourite companion of the Fourth Doctor to go through to the Ultimate Companion Poll, and here are the results:

Adric recieved 1% of the votes
Tegan recieved 1% of the votes
Nyssa recieved 2% of the votes
Harry recieved 4% of the votes
Leela recieved 9% of the votes
Romana 2 recieved 12% of the votes
Sarah Jane recieved 33% of the votes

And the winner, going through to the ultimate companion poll alongside Susan, Jamie and Jo, is Romana 1.

After being sent to assist the Doctor in the quest for The Key to Time in 1978's The Ribos Operation, The original Romana travelled with the doctor through season 16 until The Armageddon Factor in 1979.

Cumberbatch Still Talking Who

Despite having his own show to promote, Benedict Cumberbatch seems determined to keep riding off the back of Doctor Who. After saying late last week that he would only accept a major part in the show, preferrably the lead, he has now gone on record claiming that he was actually first choice for the role, but decided to turn it down.

It's been claimed that after being offered the role, he spoke with David Tennant about the offer, but ultimately decided against taking it.

"David and I talked about it but I thought it would have to be radically different. And anyway I didn't really like the whole package - being on school lunchboxes."

Steven Moffat has previously claimed that despite seeing many good actors, the only person he ever wanted for the role was Matt Smith, who 'blew him away' with his audition.

Monday, 26 July 2010

RTD Talks About Those Depp Rumours

It has admittedly been a slow news day, and I am pretty sure I have already even posted this before a few weeks ago, but oh well, an RTD rant is always good for a chuckle and for those who haven't read it yet, here is Russell's reaction to the Johnny Depp Rumours.

"Johnny fucking Depp! Do you know what my life is these days? Someone sits in New Zealand, types out a fucking rumour and I spend the next three days dealing with that rumour. What I get then is BBC Publicity e-mailing me, BBC Films publicity, BBC Wales publicity, all saying, 'Have you said this?' That then goes through BBC Worldwide and BBC America publicity, and I lose a fucking morning because of some chump typing shit! It drives me mad."

He did however manage to see the funny side to the rumour as well.

"My favorite bit in that rumour was, 'The Doctor's gonna go around curing Ebola in Africa,.' What sort of a plot is that? Can you imagine? In fairness, whatever chump that was typing that had a bit of imagination. Bonkers!"

Fifth Doctor Action Figures

Forbidden Planet have revealed (several times, though officially this time) their three new classic Doctor figures, this time featuring the Fifth Doctor and the Master (Roger Delgado). Anyways, I can tell I am boring you, so here are some pretty pictures instead.

Fifth Doctor: Burgundy Regeneration Outfit - Available August 1st - £14.99

Fifth Doctor & The Master: Planet Of Fire - Available August 1st - £24.99

Ultimate Companion Wave 3

For the third part of our Ultimate Companion Poll, we have been asking you to vote for your favourite companion of the Third Doctor. It was a pretty close run race but now the poll has closed and the votes are in and we can now reveal the winner.

Liz Shaw recieved 2% of the votes
Sarah Jane Smith recieved 43% of the votes

But winning this round, with 55% of the votes is Jo Grant.

Joining the Third Doctor from 1971's Terror of the Autons, Jo Grant stayed with the Doctor for two years until The Green Death. Afternearly 40 years, she will be meeting up with the Doctor again in The Sarah Jane Adventures this year.

The TARDIS Handbook

It's the most famous police box in the world, but how much do we actually know about the Doctors time travelling TARDIS? A new book released by the BBC hopes to help out and answer all of these questions.

Coving 900 years worth of TARDIS history, the new companion book to the show sets out to tell you everything you ever needed to know about the famous blue box and is full of facts, guides pictures and information, as well as giving us a look at previous interiors and all those endless rooms and corridors. The full synopsis says:

"As the Eleventh Doctor and Amy embark on all-new adventures in time and space, The TARDIS Handbook gives you the inside scoop on 900 years of travel aboard the Doctor’s famous time machine. Everything you need to know about the TARDIS is here – where it came from, where it’s been, how it works, and how it has changed since we first encountered it in a London junkyard in 1963. Including photos, design drawings, floor plans and instruction manuals from different eras of the series, this handbook explores the ship’s endless interior, looking inside its wardrobe and bedrooms, its power rooms and sick bay, its corridors and cloisters, and revealing just how the show’s production teams have created the dimensionally transcendental police box, inside and out. The TARDIS Handbook is the essential guide to the best ship in the universe."

The book is already available, though is being reissued this month and is available from £8.99

Sunday, 25 July 2010

Ultimate Companion Wave 2

Another round of votes has closed and this time we have been looking for your favourite companion from the second Doctor era to go through to the ultimate companion poll. The results are in, and here is how you voted.

Ben got 2% of the votes
Victoria got 3% of the votes
Polly got 9% of the votes
Zoe got 11% of the votes

Going through to the Ultimate companion poll however, is Jamie who polled a massive 75% of all votes cast.

Joining the TARDIS crew in the 1966 serial The Highlanders, Jamie was right hand man to the second Doctor and stayed with him for 3 years until his regeneration story The War Games.

Inside The Proms: 2

As promised, here are some more pictures from inside the Doctor Who Proms. There should have been more but the image hoster went kablooey, so there will be an extra couple in the third round of pictures.

Inside The Proms

Some of us just werent lucky enough to be at last nights proms, so for those of you who missed out, we have some brilliant pictures for you from inside the event. Featuring Aliens, orchestras and Matt's new haircut, the event seems like it was bags of fun. The first set of pictures are below, and some more will be following later.

We will be bringing you all some more pictures later courtesy of one of our followers who was lucky enough to attend the event.

Saturday, 24 July 2010

Ultimate Companion Wave 1

Despite 4 days of non poll goodness, the first of our companion polls finally got off the ground and has been running for the last 24 hours. As you all know, for the first round we were asking you to vote for your favourite companion of the First Doctor era.

So, after counting up all the votes the results are in. Starting from last place:

Vicki recieved no votes
Polly recieved 2% of the votes
Dodo recieved 4% of the votes
Steven recieved 6% of the votes
Barbara recieved 10% of the votes
Ben recieved 16% of the votes
Ian recieved 20% of the votes

Polling 42% of the votes, the companion going through to the ultimate companion Poll is Susan.

Appearing from the very first episode, the grandaughter of the Doctor starred in ten serials through to The Dalek Invasion of Earth, finally being left behind by the Doctor who realised after growing in to a young woman, Susan needed to start a life of her own.

So did the right person go through? Let us know by commenting below.

Torchwood 4 Was Always Going To Happen

Despite making all of us fans wait for nearly 12 months before making an announcement about whether Torchwood would be recommisioned, Torchwood creator Russell T Davies has revealed that it has always been in the pipeline and described how filming a new series of the show in America as apposed to primarily in Wales like every other series, is "exciting".

During an interview, the writer explained that the high viewing figures for the miniseries Torchwood: Children of Earth guaranteed that a fourth run would eventually be made, even though it was kept tight lipped for so long.

"I'd already moved out to LA and it'd sort of been half in development, and then once those viewing figures came in it went into proper development," he revealed.

Davies has also promised that some popular American writers are being lined up for the 10 new episodes, though he doesnt know how many he will pen himself.

"That's still to be confirmed, to be honest. I'd love to write more, but we've got a lot of interest from other writers, and I'm happy showrunning the whole thing, so… depends how it pans out, really! Plenty of time to decide. We've some great names coming along - though I can't say them yet - so it's very exciting."

No Time Lord Vacancy

Yesterday we told you how new Sherlock star, Benedict Cumberbatch suggested how he would only appear in Doctor Who if he was offered a big part, namely the Doctor, as a small part wouldnt be good enough after being the lead in his own show.

Moffat though has spoken out to the BBC about how he won't be taking on the role of the Time Lord any time soon. When asked if Cumberbatch could take on the role, Moffat replied:

"No. There is no vacancy. Matt Smith is the Doctor and he's been an astonishing success and - who knows - maybe he'll never regenerate again."

The statement suggests that Matt will possibly be in the role for years to come and is likely to delight and infuriate fans of the show in equal measures.

The Proms Have Arrived

It has finally arrived. The most muscially alien and glittery Prom of them all. Today Matt Smith and Karen Gillan will take to the stage for the first if the 2010 Doctor Who Proms, and you lot can all have a listen via the BBC iPlayer. It starts around 1830GMT.

The music will be provided by The BBC National Orchestra of Wales, who have recorded the music from the series, and will also play Murray Gold’s music from the show.

Now, if you happen to be in London and fancy going along, you can try for one of the 1000 standing tickets released on the day and available on a first come first served basis at the Royal Albert Hall.

If you are not lucky enough to attend, and you arent in the UK, you can listen to the Proms around the world, and the BBC have given a list of times it will broadcast.

London - 7.30pm
Auckland - 6.30am (Sunday)
Berlin - 8.30pm
Delhi - 12.00am (Sunday)
Los Angeles - 11.30am
Melbourne - 4.30am (Sunday)
New York - 2.30pm
Paris - 8.30pm
Sydney - 4.30am (Sunday)
Tokyo - 3.30am (Sunday)
Toronto - 2.30pm

Friday, 23 July 2010

Neil Gaiman Script Update

Neil Gaiman, the only writer besides Steven Moffat who we know will definately be writing for series 6, has revealed some of the difficulties of writing for doctor Who on his blog.

"The word came down from the powers behind Doctor Who that I was going to have to do another draft. The wonderful thing about books and comics is your budget is infinite: it costs the same to draw one thing as another, to write one thing as another. That’s not true of television, where a budget might stretch to prosthetics or CGI, but not both (quick! pick one! now rewrite to make it work) or you might find yourself being told that, no, we can’t make the Undersea Dancing Mermaids sequence work because the underwater cameras would blow the budget even before you factor in the mermaid tails but we already have a bird costume so could you just make all the mermaids into birds instead? And you’re sure you can, you can’t just quite figure out how...*

"Truthfully, I’m not grumbling. I’m loving writing Doctor Who, and so far, each draft really has been better than the one before. But we’re now at the point where people in Cardiff are nervously drumming their desktops and checking their watches. So I’m putting blogging again off for a few more days. Even last night, I went out with Amanda (she was making a guest appearance at a Steel Train gig), but spent most of my time backstage writing in a small green notebook, figuring out solutions. The Seventh Draft of My Doctor Who Episode should be done in the next few days.

You can read his full blog entry right here

More Christmas Special Casting

Steve North, who has had roles in many British shows including London's Burning, Eastenders, The Bill and Holby City, has updated his online CV to include this years Christmas Special.

He will be playing a character named 'Older Benjamin', perhaps an older version of the boy seen filming on set in his pyjamas.

If you want to see his CV, including the listing of DW, you can do so by clicking on this iddy bitty link

RTD hints at Torchwood series 4

Well known as a man of mysteries and well, lets be honest, lies, Russell T Davies is very particular about the tidbits of information he reveals about his plots, and more often then not he will tell little porkies to throw fans of the scent.

In a recent interview with SFX Magazine however, he has given two little hints about what we can expect from the new series of Torchwood.

Giving a hint as to the direction of the show, and how much American influence there will be, he said, "This'll be the first Whoniverse tale to do things the US way." a comment you could arguably take many ways, but could of course be hinting at the size and scale of the new series. He also added, in connection to the type of story to expect, "It's not a Lost-type story it's not particularly complicated - it's more linear. It's a proper, big, global ten-hour thriller".

So not much to go on admittedly, but it may at least answer a few questions in regards to how 'Americanised' the show will become, which has been a concern of many fans.

Cumberbatch vying for Matt's Role?

Benedict Cumberbatch, who has recently finished filming Sherlock, a new adaptation by Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss has hinted that he would like to take on the role of the Doctor in the future. Or at least have a large part in the show.

During an interview with Digital Spy, Cumberbatch was asked if he would like to appear in an episode of Doctor Who, to which he replied, "Not an episode of Doctor Who, no." But when asked if he would like to be The Doctor, he said:

"Maybe...We'll see, I mean, it's something that hasn't really crossed my radar much but I think having played Sherlock Holmes it's a bit of a strange thing to then play a small role on that show, without sounding too pompous. To hell with it if it does sound pompous, it probably does."

So it would seem he thinks taking a small role on the show would be a step down. Lets hope Matt sticks around long enough that nobody needs to take the role for a long while.

Thursday, 22 July 2010

The 2010 Proms

The official programme for this years Proms is now available on the BBC website for people to have a gander at. It has lists of all the music to be used, the monsters and villains that will be appearing and a Q&A with Matt and Karen.

Other little bits of interest are the notes about all of the musicians and conductors who will be appearing, and the running order for all the music that will be used throughout the show.

If you cant attend the event itself this Saturday, then the show will later be available on iPlayer or live on BBC Radio 3.

To view the full programme and all the details, here is a nifty little link Clickety click

Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Series 8 Confirmed?

In one of our earlier posts we told you how pre planning on series 7 has already started, with plots and characters said to be already being mapped out, but an interesting little bit of information in this months Doctor Who Magazine has indicated that Doctor Who will be around until at least the end of Series 8.

In the issue, it is mentioned that in 2012, production of the show will move from its current location in Upper Boat in Wales, where it has been made since the show returned in 2005 to the new BBC Drama village being built in Roath Basin, near Cardiff.

With this apparant confirmation of the move it would seem that Series 8 is most definately in the bag, as that will be the series in production during 2012. Obviously we want Doctor Who to carry on for as long as possible, but for the time being we can at least rest safe in the knowledge that there are at least another two series to come.

You've seen more than you think!

The newest edition of Doctor Who Magazine hits the shelves tomorrow, but us lucky subscribers often get it a day early (Last month it turned up 3 days late and I nearly cried), and Moffat has once again been up to his teasing antics.

In the latest issue, he says in regards to series 6:

"You've seen more than you think. the Doctor has noticed what you have not. And when the biggest jaw-dropping twist finally comes - well, the second one - you'll realise you've known about it from the very beginning..."

Also, putting rest to all the series 1/Fnarg/31/5 debates, he claims he has only ever seen the last series as series 5, and never anything else. And to think I was just warming to the idea of Fnarg. Some serious backtracking on his part considering he started the whole bloody debate in the first place. Cheeky so and so!

More Series 5 Boxset Information

According to 2Entertain, Doctor Who: The Complete Fifth Series, will be available in two editions this year. The standard boxset that we are used to, as well as a numbered limited edition Box-set.

As we told you recently, this years series will also feature two specially filmed mini episodes and we can reveal that the box set will also feature a Matt Smith video diary, and Doctor Who Confidentials for each episode and the Monster Diaries from each volume, plus more stuff yet to be announced. It seems they are going all out this year.

The downside to all of this though is that the boxsets, due for release in November, are being provisionally priced at £79.99 in some places and £69.99 in other places, with the special addition sets looking like they will cost even more. I would advise having a good look around as many retailers, if past years are anything to go by, will be selling them from around £49.99 which I would say is a more standard price to be paying.

Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Another Series 6 Writer?

According to this website, Steve Thompson is currently working on scripts for Series 6 of Doctor Who. The story is backed up by a report on this website also.

Steve has written several scripts for Moffat on his new series Sherlock as well as several plays. It is as yet unknown whether his scripts will be seen on screen, or will be used as one of the yearly over-ordered, back up scripts.

Series Five Boxset Mini Episodes Revealed

It has been revealed that the Complete Fifth Series boxset of Doctor Who, to be released later in the year will have some very special features indeed. In a first for the series, the boxset will contain two newly filmed sequences, both written by Steven Moffat, available only as part of the set.

The mini episodes are called "Meanwhile, in the TARDIS ... " and will show what happens between the episodes we have so far seen on screen. The inserts are to feature both the Doctor and Amy, though it is unclear whether Rory will mak an appearance in either.

Terror Of The... Returning Villains Poll

Yesterday, we asked people to tell us which classic villains from Doctor Who they would like to see make a return. We took the five most popular results and made them into a nifty little poll for all your clicking pleasure.

Coming last in the poll, which is a shame considering they are slated for a return at Christmas, was the Yeti, recieving no votes.

In fourth place came Omega, one of the founding fathers of the time lords. Last seen in the Fifth Doctor story, Arc To Infinity, he is rumoured to be making a reappearance in Series 6.

Third place goes to the Zygons, famous for their appearance in Terror Of The Zygons, fans have been calling for their return for years and even Tennant has claimed that they are his favourite classic era villains.

Second Place goes to the Rani, who's two official appearances in the late 80's with the 6th and 7th Doctors gained her popularity throughout fandom. Any new mysterious character is usually jokingly accused of being the Rani, so it is about time one of them turned out to be.

And so First place, taking nearly half of all votes cast is the Ice Warriors. Making 6 appearances on television between 1967 and 1974, the Ice Warriors have always been a fan favourite. When they didnt make a return in The Waters Of Mars, there was a wave of dissapointment from fans, but Moffat has stated he would like to bring them back at some point, so with a bit of luck it wont be too long before we see them again.

More Christmas Casting

About two weeks ago, I posted an article about some Christmas special casting, but now I cant seem to find it. The Article stated the hiring of Danny Horn (via Jessica Carney Associates) in an unknown role for the special.

Todays post was meant to be an update to the previous article to say that we have been told he is playing a vicar, and that his tweets (@dannyhorn) indicate that they have been filming a christmas dinner scene in the TARDIS, though because I cant find the original article, you all get a full shiny and new one just for that tiny bit of information.

I will update you with more info as soon as we get it

Monday, 19 July 2010

Karen Gillan denies Matt Smith is leaving

After all those rumours last week about Matt Smith quitting in the role of Doctor Who, Karen Gillan who plays companion Amy Pond has spoken out to deny the stories.

Speaking to Tim Walker of The Telegraph, Karen said, "Matt will be sticking around, those rumours were made up."

Short and sweet, but with a bit of luck the rumours will finally be put to bed and we can stop reading all the nonsense in the papers now.