Thursday, 29 July 2010

More Torchwood Updates

It's always the same. One minute we're complaining that there is nothing to report on, the next minute RTD gives an interview and we are full of interesting tidbits of information to relay to you.

Talking again about what to expect in the new series of Torchwood, the genius that is Russell T Davies has done what he does best: giving lots of information, without giving anything at all away.

Rather than bombarding you with lots of words (we all know he can talk for Wales), we have broken down what he said, and all the relevent fun bits, into little sections.

THE HUB - Gone
"It's funny, in Children of Earth episode one I destroyed their base, and ever since people have been saying, 'Have they got a base?', No, I destroyed it! And thats the point. They won't be digging up the Hub. They won't be finding a new Hub. Torchwood is their designation now. It's who they were and what connects them."

"Time has passed since Torchwood was last on air, and that's reflected in the series. In episode one, Torchwood has been forgotten. It was destroyed. Then events start to draw everyone back together again, which gives the chance for american characters to come in and say, 'What was Torchwood?' So Torchwood is now like a legend. It's the one thing that binds Gwen and Jack together, and then mysteriously, this new set of events sets things in motion."

GWEN'S BABY - Possibly Gone
"Maybe (Gwen still has a child), or maybe the plot is all about intergalactic baby stealers! Actually, don't write that, people will believe it."

"I like to think that when Steven Moffat so thoughtfully closed all those cracks in the universe, the Rift in Cardiff closed up at the same time. I used to wonder what the hell happened to that Rift and now it's all solved. When I watched those cracks seal up I was like, 'Oh, thank you.'"

IANTO - Gone
"Permantly dead. Yes he is, bless him. I saw an interview with Gareth David-Lloyd recently where he was saying, 'That's enough, thanks'. Leave him to get on with his career!"

WALES - Almost Gone
"It's funny, the word 'international' is the thing everyone seems to have hooked onto. There's gonna be a bit of [Wales] in this series. I can't wait to see how that plays in America. It's not one of those dramas that suddenly flies off to China for no reason. There are proper reasons, and people getting separated across oceans. There's some really interesting global stuff about the story. They're not swanning about for the sake of it."

So what do you think of these changes to the show then? Are they good moves, or detrimental to the show? Let us know below and if you want even more, you can read the full article in this months SFX magazine.


  1. It seems that from episode one, Torchwood was about shaking things up. A trusted co-worker, Susie, goes mad and kills Jack and attempts to kill Gwen!
    Then, Owen and Tosh are offed and later Ianto. I hope killing characters off for the sake of shock value has run it's course, though.
    Torchwood can exist without The Hub, but who wants all the stars dying off all the time.
    Ianto's death seemed the most meaningless. It didn't move the story forward and it didn't play into Jack's decision to offer up his grandson as a sacrifice to the 456.
    Gwen is the eye of the hurricane that is Torchwood and Rhys is the eye within that eye. He really shouldn't die off just because of his love for Gwen.
    And standing on the outside even while on the inside, we have Captain Jack Harkness. More mysterious and tragic than ever now that he's allowed even more of his family blood to be spilled. His brother's demise wasn't enough. He had to stand there while his daughter watched her son die to save the Children Of Earth.
    Sad to say, but the saving grace of Torchwood may be a small amount of American flavoring added to the mix. Not so overpowering, but adding savor to the salt.
    More people are joining up. Torchwood should probably have it's own strike team by now. Not just the core group.
    Jack is alone in eternity.
    Gwen has Rhys and maybe still a baby.
    The new team members don't need to know that backstory, but they do need to be as involved in Jack and Gwen's lives as the previous team.
    I'm happy that Torchwood's coming back.
    It should grow and become more international since part of their mission is to protect the Earth and not just Cardiff.
    Maybe Jack and Gwen can pop into New Orleans and have tea with a modest blogger?
    Stranger things have happened and will.

    1. "and it didn't play into Jack's decision to offer up his grandson as a sacrifice to the 456."

      Actually, it did.

  2. I absolutely agree with everything in Claude's comment. Torchwood needs a strike team who specialise in the guns and fighting (though the main team obviously should a bit as well).
    I'd like to see more of an interrogation room and interviewing witnesses and 'suspects' like in Life On Mars and Ashes To Ashes, as it would make the central Torchwood team seem more like investigators.

    And I also have just 4 words for good ol' Rusty:
    Lois NEEDS to be a proper Torchwood member. She more than proved herself worthy in Children Of Earth!