Sunday, 24 October 2010

Eighth Doctor's New Outfit

Yesterday on the forum, River Song (one of our members, not the actual woman) posted some great photographs of the Eighth Doctors new outfit and Sonic Screwdriver.

It seems that the people behind his audio adventures feel that his look is getting dated and so with the blessing of the BBC, have given him an overhaul. What do you think? Impressed?

The new outfit and Screwdriver has led a few members to speculate as to whether we may see another appearance from the Eighth Doctor on screen. Some feel that all this effort for a few pictures on the audio covers is a bit much, though this is entirely speculation at this point. Would be great though, eh?


  1. Woooo! Go McGann :D

    Is that actually him in the pictures, or is it photoshopped?

  2. i agree that i also think that there may be a secret plan to bring the 8th doctor back on screen, possibly even low-budget direct-to-dvd episodes of tv movies.
    like you said, the costume and the new sonic is a bit much for cd adventures.
    would be good to see him again. i loved the back-door tv movie for the 8th doctor.

  3. No it is him. No photoshopping There are more pictures over on the forum that the same poster has added.

  4. " the event of a water landing, remove the life vest from beneath your seat and pull it over your head..."

  5. I do hope they bring the Eighth back to the screen I really liked him in the movie just the rest of the character that were kinda bad.

    I really can't get attached to him in this outfit though I still love his long hair and Victorianesque garb I don't find it dated at all. I really love his sonic though ^^