Sunday, 10 October 2010

Future Classic DVD Release Information

Some extra information has come through about future releases from 2Entertain in regards to the classic series. At yesterdays Q&A session at the Time and Space convention, Dan Hall had these bits of information for everyone.

- There are more Revisitations DVD box sets to come, at least 3, and possibly more.

- A Coming Soon Trailer for Planet of the Spiders exists, it is a pretty sad one, although it is not an imminent release.

- They are trying their hardest to release all the Jon Pertwee DVDs in colour, 2Entertain are still funding work towards this.

- Shada is going to be realased, probably in a box set with another title.

- They are still unsure what to do about stories with missing episodes, animation isn't an option though, but they will be released.

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