Thursday, 23 June 2011

Miracle Day UK Transmission Information

Earlier this week PopRockGeek brought you the news that the airing of Miracle Day had been pushed back so that we would be seeing it in the UK after at least the US and Canada, with the BBC only confirming that it will air 'later in the summer'.

Today there is still no official date, but the BBC have updated with their scedules until July 15th with still no sign of Torchwood, so unless they show it on a Saturday or Sunday, which is pretty unlikely, it is now safe to say that we will be at least ten days, or at least 2 episodes behind the USA and Canada.

Some fans are already threatening to find other means of watching it without waiting until it is broadcast in the UK, and several sources are speculating that we may not get it until it has completed it's American run, in which case I think the BBC might find themselves with a slump in ratings.

Many fans have been left feeling as though they have been left in the cold by the BBC despite supporting the show for the first 3 series in the UK. This lack of announcement comes at a time when the BBC is under fire from many fans for their apparant disrespect towards the Whoniverse franchise as a whole, after they made several gaffs in the release of information regarding series 7 and the filming of it.

At this point in time it is still unclear when the show will air, though hopefully an anouncement will be forthcoming soon. How do you feel about Torchwood being left off the schedules until so late in the day? Let us know below or by posting at The Doctor In The TARDIS Forum

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