Sunday, 31 July 2011

Last chance to vote

The awards are back for the second time and this year they have been expanded to cover fifteen seperate catagories. As with the first awards last year, the categories for Best Doctor, Best Companion and Best Story have been split into Classic and New to make voting as fair as possible because while everyone has seen the show since it returned in 2005, not everyone is as familiar with the classic series and it deserves to get equal representation.

The awards for Best Villian has been modified slightly to cover a wider range and now sits alongside Best Alien/Monster Species. This will mean that individual baddies will be recognised apart from their race, for example. Restac could be nominated seperately from The Silurians. Other new catagories include Best Guest/One Off Character, Best Writer and Best Director.

As with last year, it is not compulsory to vote in every category. You can vote for as little as one or as many as fifteen when you submit your nominations, but votes will only count once so think carefully about your choices.

We had a tremendous response last year and it has been just as good so far this year, but we want even more of you to put your votes in. There are many ways that you can sumbit your nominations. You can either send a DM via Twitter to either TardisSpoilers or me, PopRockGeek, (if you are unable to DM either of us let us know so we can make that possible) or send us a PM on the forum (requires registration) or by sending a personal message via Facebook (if you wish to know how please ask on Facebook). Alternatively, you can send an email to us HERE. Just copy and paste the categories below, along with your answers in whichever way is easiest for you.

Best Doctor (New) -
Best Doctor (Classic) -
Best Companion (New) -
Best Companion (Classic) -
Best Story (New) -
Best Story (Classic) -
Best Guest/One Off Character -
Best Recurring Character -
Best Alien/Monster Species -
Best Villain -
Best Writer -
Best Director -
Best Spinoff -
Best Audio Book/Adventure -
Best Book (Fiction/Non Ficton) -

Voting closes later on today, so if you haven't already voted do it now!

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