Monday, 25 July 2011

Miracle Day Episode 1 Ratings UK Update

Last week TDITT brought you the news that the first episode of 'Miracle Day' had pulled in overnight ratings of 4.8 million.

Today BARB have revealed the final consolidated ratings for the episode (without iplayer). They are a massive 6.59 million, an increase of 1.79 million from the overnight figure. This brings it into line with the ratings for the first episode of 'Children of Earth.'

From these ratings it looks like fears that Torchwood's audience might dip due to people downloading the US broadcast may be unfounded, although it will be easier to judge that after the series has completed its run.

It also remains to be seen if there will be a knock on effect from the controversy surrounding the fact that the UK is getting a slightly different edit of Episode 3 to the US.

For the moment though, Torchwood appears to be doing well.

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